Inside Out

Inside Out

I went today to the movies. I wanted to watch Dragon Ball and I’ve already seen Starlord vs the Dinosaurs. Afterwards I had to go to a Salsa party and there where not many movies available. So we ended up buying tickets for  Inside Out (Intensamente in Spanish). This time I haven’t read a lot about it before. Just today I watched the following meme about Pixar movies and I found it very hilarious.


History of Pixar Movies
History of Pixar Movies

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Mad Max:
A movie with excellent action choreographies of a hermit saving Victoria Secrets models from motorized religious albinos.


I personally think that the plot is totally lame. But I have to admit that the action scenes kept me at the border of our seats. It reminded me of those well made action scenes of Indiana Jones. The only thing I have to ask is if they were running out of natural resources, why they spend them on a truck with drums and a guitar hero. It was fun though!

A great action movie to enjoy with your friends!

Bad Teacher

Bad Teacher (Malas Enseñanzas)

Yesterday I was home alone early so I jumped into Netflix. But this time I didn’t want to watch any action/adventure film and wanted to laugh.
I finally saw Bad Teacher with Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake. I forgot how much I liked Cameron’s acting and humor.  Justin Timberlake is also great pretending to be an ultra geek professor.
Definitively a movie to spend a great time. Plus, Cameron Diaz looks great!


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Agenda 2014

Eventos para echarles un Ojo en este 2014 y que quizá no sabías/
Events to have an eye on for this 2014 and that you might not know

– Sábado 2 de Febrero/Saturday February the 2nd

Salsa RuedaFest (Guadalajara, Mexico)

– 7-23 de Febrero/February 7-23

Juegos Olímpicos Internacionales de Invierno/Winter International Olympic Games (Sochi, Russia)

– Viernes 28 de Febrero/Friday February the 28th

1er Aniversario de Vallarta Salads/1st Anniversary of Vallarta Salads (Puerto Vallarta, Mexico)

– Martes 4 de Marzo/Tuesday April the 4th

Mardi Grass Carnival (Puerto Vallarta, Mexico)

 – Miercoles 5 de Marzo/Wednesday March the 5th

Miercoles de Ceniza/Ash Wednesday (Catholic Countries)

– Martes Marzo 11/Tuesday March the 11th

Michelle Bachelet asume presidencia de Chile/Michelle Bachelet gets Chile’s Presidency

 – Lunes 17 de Marzo/Monday March the 17th

Puente de Don Benito Juarez/Benito Juarez Day Off (Mexico)

 – 27-30 de Marzo/March 27-30

Vive Latino 2014 w/ 9 Inch Nails, Arcade Fire, Calle 13, Maldita Vecindad (Mexico City, Mexico)

– Viernes 28 de Marzo/Friday March the 28th

Estreno de “Capitan América II, Soldado de Invierno/Release of Captain America II, The Winter Soldier (Mexico)

 – Lunes 31 de Marzo/Monday March the 31th

Cumpleaños 100 de Octavio Paz, Premio Nobel Literario/Octavio Paz’ 100 birthday, Literature Prime Nobel, (Mexico)

– 1 al 3 de Abril/April 1 to 3

Foro Económico Mundial America Latina/World Economic Forum Americas (Panama, Panama)

 – Viernes 11 de Abril/Friday April  the 11th

Estreno de “Rio 2″/Release of “Rio 2”, (Mexico)

– 14-20 de Abril/April 14-20

Semana Santa/Holy Week (Catholic Countries)

 – Viernes 18 de Abril/Friday April  the 18th

Estreno del “Sorprendente Hombre Araña 2: Electro”/

Release of “Amazing Spiderman II, Electro”, (Mexico)

 – Jueves 27 de Abril/ Thursday April the 27th

Canonización del Papa Juan Pablo II/Pope John Paul II Canonization (Vatican City)

 – Martes 29 de Abril/ Tuesday April the 29th

Dia Internacional de la Danza/International Dance Day

 – 8 -11 de Mayo/May 9-11

Bugambilia Fest (Puerto Vallarta, Mexico)

 – 8-12 de Mayo/May 9-11

Salsa Mambo Fest (Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico)

 – Domingo 18 de Mayo/Sunday May the 18th

Una vez más, el Atlas no será campeón/Once again the Atlas won’t be champion (Guadalajara, Mexico)

 – Viernes 23 de Mayo/Friday May the 23th

Estreno de “X-Men: Días del Futuro Pasado”/Release of “X-Men: Days of the Future Past”, (Mexico)

 – Junio/June

1er intento de lanzar un auto Lunar y ganar el “Premio X a la Luna de Google”/1st try to launch a Lunar Rover and win the “Google Lunar X Prize” (Moon)

 – 12 de Junio – 13 de Julio/June 12-July 13

Mundial de Futbol/Soccer Football World Cup (Brazil)

– Viernes 20 de Junio/Friday June the 20th

Estreno de “Como Entrenar a tu Dragón 2″/Release of “How to Train your Dragon 2”, (Mexico)

Cumpleaños 35 de Israel Andalón/Israel Andalon’s 35 birthday (No Tequila Please!!!)

 – Sábado 28 de Junio/Saturday June the 28th

100 Aniversario del Inicio de la 1era Guerra Mundial/100th Anniversary of the start of WWI

 – Lunes 1 de Septiembre/Monday September the 1st

75 Aniversario del Inicio de la 2da Guerra Mundial/75 Anniversary of the start of WWII

 – Martes 16 de Septiembre/Tuesday September the 16th

8vo Aniversario de Shanti Studio/Shanti Studio’s 8th Anniversary (Puerto Vallarta, Mexico)

 – 5-19 de Octubre/October 5 to 19

Sínodo Episcopal, el Vaticano debatirá temas como divorcio y Homosexualidad/

Episcopal Synod, Vatican will debate subjects like divorce and Homosexuality (Vatican City)

 – Martes 4 de Noviembre/Tuesday November the 4th

10mo aniversario de Shanti Constructora/Shanti Constructora’s 10th Anniversary

 – Domingo 9 de Noviembre/Sunday November the 9th

25 Aniversario de la Caida del Muro de Berlin/Berlin’s Wall fall 25th Anniversary

 – Lunes 17 de Noviembre/Monday November the 17th

Puente de La Revolución Mexicana/Mexican Revolution Day Off (Mexico)

– Viernes 21 de Noviembre/Friday November the 21th

Estreno de “Juegos del Hambre 3: Sinsajo 1″/Release of “Hunger Games 3: Mocking Jay 1”, (Mexico)

 – Viernes 5 de Diciembre/Friday December the 5th

8 Show de Aniversario, Shanti Studio/Shanti Studio’s 8th Anniversary Show”, (Puerto Vallarta, Mexico)

– Viernes 25 de Diciembre/Friday December the 25th

Estreno de “El Hobbit 3″/Release of “The Hobbit 3”, (Mexico)



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