Precipicio, 1 año

A Janvier 25, comme aujourd’hui, mais l’année dernière … nous avons montré pour la première fois le spectacle du danse contemporaine “Précipice” par le professeur Luis C. Medina.

One January the 25th like today but last year… we were having the release of the modern dance play “The Edge” by teacher Luis Carbajal.

Un 25 de Enero como hoy, pero del año pasado… estrenábamos la obra de danza contemporánea “Precipicio” del maestro Luis C. Medina

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Top 10 Songs 2015

So far 2015 has ended, and I want to share another list of the top 10 songs released this year. Before you say you disagree, I want to express is only my opinion. To choose them, I selected which songs I have played the most on iTunes and used for an specific reason in a particular class or choreography. They got extra points if they were a hit on my dance classes or if they have some special meaning for me. This year I missed a lot of Rock and even some salsa and got a lot of commercial stuff. Anyway, I hope you enjoy them and might find the list useful for your own playlist.

Ya se terminó el 2014 y quiero compartir otra lista de las 10 canciones top que fueron lanzadas este año. Antes de que me digan que no están de acuerdo, quiero expresar que sólo es mi opinión. Para escogerlas, seleccione entre las canciones que más he reproducido en iTunes, y utilizado por alguna razón especial en alguna clase o coreografía. Les di puntos extras a las canciones que fueron un hit en mis clases de baile o si tienen algún significado especial para mi. Este año me faltó mucho rock e incluso salsa y usé mucha música comercial. De cualquier manera espero que les gusten las canciones y que les sean de utilidad en su propio playlist.

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2015 Top Nine Pictures and Videos on Instagram

Las Mejores 9 del Instagram en el 2015.
The Top 9 of my Instagram on 2015.


Y como estamos a tiempo de hacer un resumen de lo mejor del 2015, aquí les comparto mis 9 mejores fotos del Instagram según los likes que recibí.

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Adios 2015

Summary of 2015

This last year I saw things that I thought I was not going to see ever: USA is trying to become friends again with Cuba; The World Leaders finally, but maybe too late decide to stop the madness of unlimited use of fossil fuels, NASA finally lands in Mars just to see that there is salty water there.
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International Tango Day

11 de Diciembre:Día Internacional del Tango. Les comparto esta coreo mitad tango, mitad danza contemporánea, del cuál me siento orgulloso. Y recuerden que mientras yo viva, el tango no morirá, je je!

11 du Décembre: Journée internationale de Tango. Je partage cette choreographie, demi Tango​, la moitié de la danse contemporaine, dont je suis fier. Et on doire rappeler que tant que je vivrai, le tango ne mourirá pas, he he!

December 11:International Tango Day. I share this coreographie, half tango, half contemporary dance of which I am particullarly proud. And remember that while I continue alive, the tango won’t die, he he!

11 de Dezembro:Dia Internacional de Tango. Eu partilho pra vòôcés dessa coreo, metade do tango, metade do dança contemporânea, da qual fico  orgulhoso. É lembre-se que, enquanto eu viver, o tango não morrera, he he!


“Se Cae la Casa” (Fragmento)
“The House is falling”
Bailarines/Dancers: Erendira Estrada & Israel Andalon
coreografía/Choreography: Israel Andalón
Dirección Coreográfica/Choreographic Direction: Luis Medina
Música/Music: Orquesta de la Plata
Danza Contemporánea/Modern Dance
espectáculo de Cartelera Escénica Puerto Vallarta


Y aquí les comparto un ensayo/And here I share with you a rehearsal:

Mexicans coming back

More Mexican immigrants have returned to Mexico from the U.S. than have migrated to USA from 2009 to 2014 according to a new Pew Research Center analysis of newly available government data from both countries. This is far from being the real data, but it shows the estimate thrown by both governments.

Today is Revolution Day in México, and I just woke up with these news that you can read here:

More Mexicans leaving than coming to the U.S.A.

Mexican Inmigration

From 2009 to 2014, 1 million of Mexicans and their families including children born in the USA have left the U.S.A for México according to data from the 2014 Mexican National Survey of Demographic Dynamics (ENADID). U.S. census data for the same period show an estimated 870,000 Mexican nationals left Mexico to go to the U.S.A. a smaller number than the flow of families from the U.S. to Mexico.

We can speculate a lot of why are the reasons of these numbers which are contrary to the popular belief. I will dare to throw the following speculations:

1.- A slow recovery of U.S.A economy has created less attractive opportunities for Mexicans living in the States.

2.- An increased enforcement on deportations done in Obama’s administration.
14% of Mexicans returning to Mexico declare in the survey they have come back because of deportation.

3.- Mexicans’ nostalgia for México and their families made them return after many years living abroad. 61% of the people in the survey declare that.

4.- The view that life is better in the States has changed.
While almost half (48%) of adults in Mexico believe life is better in the U.S.A; a growing share says it is neither better nor worse than life in Mexico. 33% of adults in México say life is just the same in the States than in México.

5.- Mexicans hate to be discriminated.
The speech of politicians such as Donald Trump and the constant discrimination Mexicans and Latinos suffer in the street made some Mexican citizens to realize they want to get out. That happens also with the tourists. In my case, after some bad treatment I got while traveling “In Transit” even with a up-to-date American Visa. I decided to try not to visit again the USA for holidays. There are many countries in the world that are worth to visit.


Happy Revolution Day to my Mexican friends in Mexico. I hope we can stand out to make things better in our country.


El Principito

El Principito 2015

Ayer les platicaba que fuí a ver el Principito y mi amiga Mae me preguntaba si esta película era más para adultos que para niños. Aquí les va mi respuesta y mi reseña tratando de no meter ninguna clase de Spoilers sobre la película pero quizá no podré evitar hacer referencias al libro.

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Dolencias en México

Esto va dedicado para todos los mexicanos que siguen con la cantaleta que lo ocurrido el Viernes no es nada comparado a lo que pasa en México.

Van Francis, Libi y Siri en un auto y sufren un accidente. Se acercan varios curiosos entre ellos, Doña Maxi a ver que sucedió.

Francis comenta “Tengo un morete en la rodilla y me duele.” En seguida Doña Maxi comenta: “Eso no es nada, yo padezco de mis rodillas desde hace 5 años y me duele mucho”

Libi dice: “Yo me pegué en el codo y me duele.” Doña Maxi responde: “Yo me caí y mi codo me duele más que a ti.”

Siri agrega: “Yo tengo un dolor interno que me punza demasiado pero estoy seguro que Doña Maxi ha de tener un dolor más fuerte que el mio porque sólo quiere que la compadezcan a ella.”

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Inside Out

Inside Out

I went today to the movies. I wanted to watch Dragon Ball and I’ve already seen Starlord vs the Dinosaurs. Afterwards I had to go to a Salsa party and there where not many movies available. So we ended up buying tickets for  Inside Out (Intensamente in Spanish). This time I haven’t read a lot about it before. Just today I watched the following meme about Pixar movies and I found it very hilarious.


History of Pixar Movies
History of Pixar Movies

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