2nda Celebración de la Conservación de la Tortuga Marina

Ayer fué un buen día. Apoyé una causa que los que me conocen saben que apoyo firmemente (La conservación de la tortuga marina y la reducción de plásticos en los oceanos) haciendo lo que me gusta hacer (Poner coreografías).

En el marco del concurso de valores del Anglo Vallarta, monté una coreografía que trataba sobre bellas creaturas marinas que bailaban y celebraban mientras comían medusas (las medusas fueron hechas con galletas de Annie Repostería). Una de estas creaturas, confunde una bolsa de plástico con una medusa y se intoxica. Al final se logra salvar y las creaturas marinas deciden limpiar el oceano de basura. Las pequeñas ganaron 1er lugar en el concurso y nos invitaron a presentar la coreografía para este evento de ayer en Galerías Vallarta.

Yesterday it was a good day. I supported a cause that those who know me know that I strongly support (The conservation of the sea turtle and the reduction of plastics in the oceans) by doing what I like to do (Doing choreographies)

As part of the Anglo Vallarta values competition, I did a choreography that dealt with beautiful marine creatures that danced and celebrated while eating jellyfish (the jellyfish were made with Annie Repostería cookies). One of these creatures confuses a plastic bag with a jellyfish and becomes intoxicated. In the end, she is saved and the marine creatures decide to clean the ocean of garbage. These small dancers won 1st place in the contest and they invited us to present the choreography for this event yesterday at Galerias Vallarta.

Hier C’ était une bonne journée. J’ai soutenu une cause que ceux qui me connaissent savent que je soutiens fortement (La conservation de la tortue de mer et la réduction des plastiques dans les océans) en train de faire ce que j’aime faire (Faire des chorégraphies)

Dans le cadre de la compétition des valeurs d’Anglo Vallarta, j’ai faire une chorégraphie qui traitait de belles créatures marines qui dansaient et célébraient en mangeant des méduses (les méduses étaient faites avec des biscuits d’ Annie Repostería). Une de ces créatures confond un sac en plastique avec une méduse et devient en état d’ébriété. Aprés, cette creature est sauvé et les créatures marines décident de nettoyer l’océan des ordures. Les petits danseurs ont remporté la 1ère place du concours. Hier, ils nous ont invités à présenter la chorégraphie pour cet événement à Galerias Vallarta.

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Swinging Lessons

Swinging Lessons

A couple of weeks ago, Anel an L.A. style Salsa teacher friend from another academy was asking for English conversation sessions in exchange for Salsa lessons from her. I offered my help without expecting something in exchange. I was not really willing to learn “Salsa en línea” style. I’m totally Casinero (Cuban Salsa style)

However, as the English conversation sessions happened, I told her of my need to choreograph and perform something for the Party happening in J&B dancing club in 3 days. The dancing number I was expecting to show with my students from Shanti was not going to happen. Without hesitation she jumped to aid me.

Swing Pose
Anel & Israel ready for the Swing

Some months ago, I choreographed a nice Swing song called “Zoot Suit Riot” for the XV years old party of my dear student Rubi, so we decided to do a fresh couple version of this Swing number. Anel has never done a Swing before but she was very committed to learn.

3 days later, we got some clothes and did the number almost flawless. (We did have a mistake near the end of the song). I was not really expecting us to receive a brilliant answer from the audience. But most of the people cheered on us (Even the rival dancers who almost never say something).

I’m glad from this experience and I want to thank Anel for doing this number with me. I’m looking forward to continue the English lessons someday in the future. (At least she can practice by reading this.


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