Happy Birthday to me/Feliz Cumpleaños a mi!

And in a year with a lot of Covid and few party, I didn’t expect a lot on my birthday. Nevertheless, thanks to the will of Carmen, the support of Vania, Karla, Nash, Lety, Josh, my dad, Annie, Maeva, Chelo, Mau, Arely, Raúl, Israel 2, Mini Mau and several friends with their good wishes from their houses, I spent a very different and joyful birthday. Thanks to everybody! Continue reading “Happy Birthday to me/Feliz Cumpleaños a mi!”


1 career/ carrera
1 Createc Prize/ Premio Createc
1 Cirugy/ Cirugía
1 Sibling/ hermano
1 cat/ gato
2 dogs/ perros
3 car accidents/ accidentes de auto
3 National dance prizes won/3 premios nacionales de baile ganados
4 motorcycle accidents/ accidentes de moto
4 scooters along my life/motonetas a lo largo de mi vida.
4 languages/idiomas
4 countries where I have lived/ países en los que he vivido
5 Videogame consoles along my life/ consolas de videojuegos en mi vida.
5 Entrepreneur Projects/ Proyectos Emprendedores
6 scars/ citratrices
6 Cities where I have lived/ Ciudades donde he vivido
10 Olympic Games watches/10 Juegos Olímpicos Vistos
21 countries visited/ países visitados
21.6 years teaching dance/enseñando a bailar
39 Halloween’s
106 cities visited/ ciudades visitadas
245 books read/ libros leídos
448 Instagram Pics/Fotos en Instagram
2,127 songs on my iTunes/ Canciones en mi iTunes
2,578 friends on facebook/ amigos en Facebook
5,110 Pokémon Gym Battles won/ Combates de gimnasio Pokémon Ganados
14,609 Sunsets /Atardeceres
10,006 Check-ins on Foursquare/Check-ins en Foursquare
20,032 Pokémon’s caught/ Pokemones atrapados
25,576 Tweets/Tuits
37,600,000,000 kilometers around the sun traveled/ kilometros viajados alrededor del sol

Gracias novia, padres, hermano, amigos, familia, alumnos, maestros, vecinos, mascotas, terrícolas por estos 40 años de logros y felicidad, Y aún falta mucho por venir.
Thanks Girlfriend, parents, sibling, friends, family, students, teachers, neighbors, pets, earthlings for these 40 years of achievements and happiness. There are more things to come.


How was my birthday

Very grateful to everyone who was sending me hugs, kisses, good wishes and blessings on my birthday yesterday through social networks, and even better thanks to those who were able to see me in person and gave me hugs live. And as it is becoming already a already habit, I will describe how was my birthday celebration weekend through my blog, and of course all of the adventures that always happen to me.

Continue reading “How was my birthday”


June: My brothers´ birthday, my birthday and Fathers’ Day.
Junio: Cumpleaños de mi hermano, mi cumpleaños y día del padre.
Juin: l’anniversaire de mon frère, mon anniversaire et La Fête des Pères.
Junho: o aniversário do meu irmão, meu aniversário e Dia dos Pais.

Photography: Cristina Romero

Happy Birthday Puerto Vallarta

Today, on May the 31st, the beach town that has adopted me, Puerto Vallarta in México, celebrates its’ birthday.

Happy Birthday Puerto Vallarta!
¡Feliz Cumpleaños Puerto Vallarta!
Joyeux Anniversaire Puerto Vallarta!

Puerto Vallarta Conchas Chinas


I was not born in Puerto Vallarta! (although I have many friends that believe it so) and as a definition I consider myself more like a citizen of the world. But when somebody asks me to tell something about my city, I always talk about my roots in my home city but end up talking about the city where I belong now which is Puerto Vallarta. Puerto Vallarta might be a heavenly holiday spot for people seeking for beach, party, water activities and mountain tours, but their experience is nothing compared to those blessed individuals lucky enough to live here. Continue reading “Happy Birthday Puerto Vallarta”

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