Top 10 Things to do if you miss traveling!

For a travel addict like me, this 2020 has been a big disappointment in terms of growing your travel experience. I know that now you are allowed to go out and visit many countries (Although depending on your nationality, you might not be able to visit the countries that you want) but for some reason you might need or want to stay home.

That doesn’t mean however that we have to give up our wanderlust completely!

Here are 10 travel-based things to do at home in the meantime to cure your travel bug:

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La Yerbabuena

La Yerbabuena La Yerbabuena is a quiet town of 390 inhabitants full of large houses where you can spend a very calm and silent day alone or with company. Its main square has a kiosk, the Parish of the Virgin of Guadalupe on one side. In front there is the artificial lagoon that is a […]

La Yerbabuena

Top 10 Things to do in Puerto Vallarta

Here is my very personal list of top things to do in Puerto Vallarta and surrounding ranches. These are the places that I always recommend to my Couchsurfing, AirBnB, Hospitality Club and friends staying with me at Vallarta and they seem to enjoy a lot. If you have a favorite place that didn’t make it to this list, please share it with us at the comments section.
Esta es mi lista muy personal de las cosas que se deben hacer en Puerto Vallarta y ranchos circunvecinos. Estas son las cosas que les recomiendo a la gente que recibo con Couchsurfing, AirBnB, Hospitality Club y a amigos que se quedan conmigo en Vallarta y al parecer les termina encantando. Si tienes un lugar favorito que no está en la lista, dejamelo en la sección de los comentarios.
Voici ma liste très personnelle des choses qui doivent être faites à Puerto Vallarta et ranchs voisins. Ce sont les choses que je recommande aux personnes qui restent avec moi avec Couchsurfing, AirBnB, Hospitality Club et amis qui restent avec moi dans Vallarta et apparemment ils les enjoyent. Si vous avez un endroit préféré qui ne sont pas sur la liste, Laissez-le dans la section des commentaires.

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Palitana, the only place where Meat eaters are illegal (Travel)

(Leer este post en español aquí)

Recently, a former classmate Sofía posted that Palitana (A town in West India, Capital of the Jain Religion) has become the first town in the world where eating meat is illegal. This update by itself has caused a lot of controversy, even among my friends. I have vegetarian and vegan friends with a strong stand on the subject as well as devoted carnivorous friends. Far from wanting to have a discusion on this post, I will share my experience of my visit to this interesting place in India. Continue reading “Palitana, the only place where Meat eaters are illegal (Travel)”

Top & Bottom Ranked Cities for Cost of Living 2015

Top & Bottom Ranked Cities for Cost of Living 2015

As an interested in World traveling and living abroad, I always wander which cities are the most expensive to be in as a foreigner. I came with this 2015 ranking of the most expensive cities to live in as a foreigner. For all my friends that do exchanges through AIESEC, or that lead the frontlines of Globalization working abroad for their global companies, this might be really helpful for you.

Ranked Cities for Cost of Living 2015
Ranked Cities for Cost of Living 2015

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