Beach Clean-Up

Last Sunday with the aid of our friends from Menta Vacations, My Deztination, my company Alalibre and several volunteers, we cleaned up all the trash we found along the coastline path from Boca de Tomatlán to Las Animas. Thank you for your support.

El pasado domingo con la ayuda de nuestros amigos de Menta Vacations, My Deztination, mi compañía Alalibre y varios voluntarios, limpiamos toda la basura que encontramos en el sendero costero de Boca de Tomatlán a Las Ánimas. Gracias a todos por su apoyo.

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La Yerbabuena

La Yerbabuena La Yerbabuena is a quiet town of 390 inhabitants full of large houses where you can spend a very calm and silent day alone or with company. Its main square has a kiosk, the Parish of the Virgin of Guadalupe on one side. In front there is the artificial lagoon that is a […]

La Yerbabuena

Instagram’s #Top9, a review of 2019

Like all years, it’s a tradition to introduce Instagram’s Top 9 pictures and videos of 2019. I lived a lot of important moments that are not reflected here, but these are the moments viewers liked the most.
Como todos los años es una tradición presentar las 9 fotos y videos más gustadas del 2019 en Instagram. Muchos de los momentos más importantes de mi año no están reflejados aquí, pero estos son los momentos que los que andaban viendo les gustaron más.

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1er aniversario de Alalibre

Yesterday while Liz and me were working on a new adventure for Alalibre, we realized it was one year ago exactly when we started our first excursion to Colomitos with Odile’s Canadian friends and Liz‘ cousins. So, I took out the Lambrusco bottle from the fridge and we toasted for Alalibre and all the people that helped us building this venture. Thanks to you all.
Ayer mientras Liz y yo planeabamos una nueva aventura para Alalibre, nos dimos cuenta que hace exactamente un año empezamos nuestra primera excursión a Colomitos con los amigos de Odile y las primas de Liz. Entonces, saqué la botella de Lambrusco del refri y brindamos por Alalibre y por todos aquellos amigos que nos han ayudado con esta aventura.


(Gracias a nuestras familias que nos han apoyado, a nuestros amigos Carlitos, Sophie, Fanny, Natalie y Maeva que nos han ayudado con las experiencias, a Fred nuestro más leal cliente, a los gerentes, barmen, meseros, cocineros y staff de los lugares en los que trabajamos frecuentemente y a todos los que nos apoyan siempre.)


We are here with you from La Maison du Tango, to tell you this is our anniversary number 1 of Alalibre.
Well, I want to say that I’m very happy today because today exactly one year ago we started our first excursion with Alalibre and this was a project that my partner Israel and your truly Liz Oseguera started. It has a great history for the two of us and we’re here working and very happy because this has been like a blessing for us and we have had too many personal satisfactions and above all we have found ourselves in situations of lots of love with nature. So, we want to make a toast today for a year together with Alalibre.
And thank you everybody who has participated with us and cheers.
Cheers for all of our wings, for the first wings who were my…

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