The Two Popes/ Los Dos Papas

Yesterday I saw The Two Popes on Netflix and I loved it. Jonathan Price is outstanding as Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio (later Pope Francis). And Anthony Hopkins makes an impressive amazing job as Pope Benedict XVI. (Sometimes I was believing I was seeing the real Ratzinger in person). I see why Hopkins is nominated to the Oscars 2020. Both actors bring to life many different perspectives to these two interesting person. The movie points softly but obviously the current problems of the Catholic Church.
Bonus Points: In the movie, there is Tango Dance and Music, Close ups to the Sixtine Chapel and even a World Cup soccer game. You must see it!
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Bad Teacher

Bad Teacher (Malas Enseñanzas)

Yesterday I was home alone early so I jumped into Netflix. But this time I didn’t want to watch any action/adventure film and wanted to laugh.
I finally saw Bad Teacher with Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake. I forgot how much I liked Cameron’s acting and humor.  Justin Timberlake is also great pretending to be an ultra geek professor.
Definitively a movie to spend a great time. Plus, Cameron Diaz looks great!


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