Engaging on Social Media with Paper Li Newspapers!

There are several ways to generate quality content on Social Media and engage with other users. One that I have used with success is Paper.liPaper.li  is a content curation service that let’s you turn socially shared content into nicely organized online newsletters. It can be configured in very few steps and it’s a powerful tool that helps you save time by surfacing content (blogs, articles, sites, video,images) and people who are interested in the same topics that you are!  Continue reading “Engaging on Social Media with Paper Li Newspapers!”


Crazy World:
42% of people believe that everything they read in the newspaper is true while 72% believe everything they read on social networks is true.
I know 72% of my friends will believe these stats because I posted them on my facebook and twitter.

Mundo Loco:
42% de la gente cree que todo lo que lee en los periódicos es verdad mientras que 72% cree que todo lo que lee en Redes Sociales es verdad.
Sé que 72% de mis amigos creerán estas estadísticas porque las puse en Facebook y Twitter.

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