Adios 2015

Summary of 2015

This last year I saw things that I thought I was not going to see ever: USA is trying to become friends again with Cuba; The World Leaders finally, but maybe too late decide to stop the madness of unlimited use of fossil fuels, NASA finally lands in Mars just to see that there is salty water there.
In México, we saw that the actor Chabelo finally finished the first season of his sunday show after 44 years of being broadcasted… Continue reading “Adios 2015”

Clase Especial de Salsa para el grupo Bennu

Bennu @ Zity

El pasado viernes 3 de Julio, me tocó darle una clase de Salsa Shines básicos a un grupo de mujeres guerreras que se hace llamar Grupo Bennu A.C. cuya lucha es contra el cáncer. Esta oportunidad de llevarles un momento de esparcimiento y buen humor se hizo a través de la nueva academia Zity Dance en Nuevo Vallarta donde estoy trabajando. 20150703_zity_bennu

Como saben los que me conocen, uno de los aspectos que más me gusta de hacer lo que hago es contribuir con un granito de arena a construir un mejor planeta, en mi caso a través del baile y todos sus beneficios que bailar conlleva. Las señoras se pasaron unos momentos divertidos. Aunque les costó un poco de trabajo algunos pasitos básicos del Casino, con una sonrisa y muchas repeticiones pudieron salir adelante con su secuencia de shines. Al final, quedamos que las situaciones problemáticas de la vida se resuelven mejor sonriendo.



With Bennu Women at Zity Dance

This last Friday July 3, I was assigned to give a basic Salsa Shines class to a group of warrior women who calls themselves “Bennu Group”  whose fight is against cancer. This opportunity to bring them a moment of relaxation and good humor was given to me by the new academy Zity Dance in Nuevo Vallarta where I am working.

Those who know me know that one of the things that I like from what I do is that I can contribute a bit to build a better world, in my case through dance and all the benefits that entails dance. Ladies had some funny moments during the class. Although it cost them a bit of work to master the basic from Casino Salsa that I gave to them, with a smile and many repetitions we could go ahead and accomplish the dance sequence. In the end, we acknowledge that the difficult situations of life are best resolved smiling.





Link to a short video on facebook of the class

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