What 2013 left me!

What the 2013 left me:

– Lots of experience on how to survive an economical crisis like the one happening in Puerto Vallarta
– A broken Motorcycle 
– 2 nice Harlem Shakes videos
– A Massive Thriller video
– A new venture with Vallarta Salads
– 7 1/2 years of experience as director and founder of Shanti Studio.
Shanti‘s first 3 circus shows.
– My first Aerial Silk Classes with Rick Joe.
– Great classes to grow with teachers like Modern dancer Kenia Murillo, Yuri’s choreographer Luis Roberto, Más Ritmo teacher Ernesto Alonso, Zumba Jammers Cris González, Alhery González, Cesar Espinosa, Alex Tatoo & William Villaseñor and my first Arabic workshop with Netza D’Rhoda.
– 2 medals with our Shanti Studio Belly Dancers at the Intercolegial UPA México.
– Many nice new Choreographies such as “Fabulas de Policias y Salsatones, “BachaRueda” “Domadores y Fieras”, “Zarzamora‘s Contempo” & “El Mago y la Chica Más Bella,” “BlackRoom Hip Hop”, “Mexico Mexico 3“, “Calling all the monsters” and yeah “Feeling Good.”
– Some Worldwide losses like Nelson Mandela
– Meet many new nice friends in Vallarta and saw again old friends. I even hosted some of them at Puerto Vallarta.
– My first 6K followers on Twitter
– We inspired over 100 new students to start to dance as part of their daily routine.
– First time I don’t remember anything after a party, on my birthday at La Bodeguita del Medio.
– Some brief participations in altruistic events such as Destapate contra el Cancer 1&2, Party in Pink 2013, “Bailando bajo la lluvia”, Dances at Jarretaderas Asylum and Christmas at “Manos De Amor Orphanage at Bucerias.
– First time I get into the football soccer euphoria by joining the Profugos del Rastro F.C.
– First time in cities like Tuxpan
– Over 260 of levels passed in Candy Crush
– At least 5 new inspiring books
– My first Flash Mob

Thanks God/Allah/Ganesh/Buddah for all these that I have learnt and lived and thank you my friends and family for being with me.

Welcome 2014!


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