Blogging and Webpages

So I just realized that incorporating a WordPress blog into my webpage will increase its traffic, the quality of content and all the statistics overall.

Normally, me and many people focus more on posting quality content to facebook. But here are some reasons I found why I should not procrastinate doing my blogging homework:

1.- Blogging improves your search ranking through in-bound links & key word optimization. Facebook doesn’t contribute to your search ranking.
2. Blog articles will continue to be found in search for months or even years. Facebook updates only last some few days.
3.- Your audience can include people from all social networks and people browsing the internet, not only Facebook fans.

However, I’m having trouble to create a new blog on my Yahoo based Website. I follow all the instructions just to end up in a generic error page without really knowing what I’m doing wrong. The site asks me to create a new account and seems I will have to split into 2 blogs.

Let’s see if I can overcome that!

Facebook vs Blogging.
Facebook vs Blogging.

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