Swinging Lessons

Swinging Lessons

A couple of weeks ago, Anel an L.A. style Salsa teacher friend from another academy was asking for English conversation sessions in exchange for Salsa lessons from her. I offered my help without expecting something in exchange. I was not really willing to learn “Salsa en línea” style. I’m totally Casinero (Cuban Salsa style)

However, as the English conversation sessions happened, I told her of my need to choreograph and perform something for the Party happening in J&B dancing club in 3 days. The dancing number I was expecting to show with my students from Shanti was not going to happen. Without hesitation she jumped to aid me.

Swing Pose
Anel & Israel ready for the Swing

Some months ago, I choreographed a nice Swing song called “Zoot Suit Riot” for the XV years old party of my dear student Rubi, so we decided to do a fresh couple version of this Swing number. Anel has never done a Swing before but she was very committed to learn.

3 days later, we got some clothes and did the number almost flawless. (We did have a mistake near the end of the song). I was not really expecting us to receive a brilliant answer from the audience. But most of the people cheered on us (Even the rival dancers who almost never say something).

I’m glad from this experience and I want to thank Anel for doing this number with me. I’m looking forward to continue the English lessons someday in the future. (At least she can practice by reading this.


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