Book Day

International Book Day

Today, after visiting my grandmother’s house, she told me she was working at liberating space in her flat. Then she told me she had something for me. Then she gave a collection of 15 books that she bought me and was supposed to give me when I was 5 years old as she knew I loved books. She told me I saw them but never took them with me. I saw the titles and maybe it was because they were unattractive books for a kid: Homer’s Iliad, Poetry Books by Amado Nervo, Mio Cid, Tom Sawyer and other classic books.

I told her that now I’m old enough for these books and said it was a great present today as today is International Book Day. (A celebration that started on the 23th of Abril, 1995 by UNESCO)

I’m proud to say I’ve been always a huge Book-Eater and I invite you to engage in a book of any kind of genre!
¡Feliz Día Internacional del Libro!
Joyeux Journée mondiale du livre!
Feliz Dia Mundial do Livro!
Happy International Book Day



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