My exclusive Birthday Party

My Exclusive Birthday Party

My exclusive Birthday Party

Well, as you all know me, I always try to be a very positive person but bloggging is a good way to let out what botters you. So here I go:

My 36th birthday was approaching. I was not really looking forward to do something special. After what happened with my Studio, and after I felt from the bicycle last week and got injured; I didn’t feel like party at all. Some friends suggested me that on the contrary, that was a good way to cheer-up my-self. So, I decided to celebrate with a pool party at my parents house which could be something very fun and attractive because of the heat we’re having at Puerto Vallarta. Besides the pool was already given.

As the saturday approached, some of my closest friends told me that they were not going to be able to make it to the party (Some had shows, or some where traveling out of town). It was difficult to move the party to the sunday because it was going to be fathers’ day or to later in the night because of the pool rules at my parents’ condo. So I decided to stick with the plan and enjoy with the people who said that where going which were several people. Some friends even said they were bringing other friends. Other friends suggested me to join at an after-party at La Bodeguita to dance Salsa, so I sayed yes.

Xio and Me
Xio and Me at my exclusive Birthday Party

June the 20th arrived and I got as usual many facebook happy birthday messages, some really emotive. I didn’t go to work that morning to rest for the long party coming and to answer my birthday messages. The noon came and I took my swimming suit and jumped into my bicycle to my parents place. 1 hour, 2 hours, no one showed up. My brother asked if I really invited the people using other tools than facebook events. I told him I did. My mom tried to cheers things up by saying I can always have fun by myself. Xio, one friend who was not supposed to be in town because she was traveling to Peru contacted me. I informed her about the party so she was the only one to show-up for some time. I had a really nice conversation with her at the swimming pool. Then she had to go but it was nice seeing her.

I spent the rest of the noon having some tequilas and enjoying the beautiful sunsets that Puerto Vallarta offers. At night I went back to my house. I got some whatsapps of people telling me they wont be able to go to La Bodeguita. The pool left me very relaxed so I decided to stay home. Besides, I wanted to cover my dad the next day at the restaurant as I wanted him to rest on Fathers’ day. I messaged the few girls I knew they were going for sure to the Bodeguita to cancel. I spent the rest of the night playing videogames and I even got a special surprise gift. 🙂


Although I’m a highly socializing person, I am also a lone-wolf who makes most of the things on his own. I wanted to have a cool pool party but sometimes is impossible for the rest to attend. Next birthday, I will better plan to travel alone somewhere. It’s also loads of fun! Thank you for reading. I promiss not to be so negative on my following publications. 😉

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