Inside Out

Inside Out

I went today to the movies. I wanted to watch Dragon Ball and I’ve already seen Starlord vs the Dinosaurs. Afterwards I had to go to a Salsa party and there where not many movies available. So we ended up buying tickets for  Inside Out (Intensamente in Spanish). This time I haven’t read a lot about it before. Just today I watched the following meme about Pixar movies and I found it very hilarious.


History of Pixar Movies
History of Pixar Movies

I have admired always Pixar‘s quest to tell always new stories rather than being recycling old ones. But I found this idea of feelings having feelings to complex for a children’s movie. The good thing is I came to watch a movie without not an idea of what kind of plot I was going to watch (On the contrary of movies like Jurassic World where I knew what was going to be exactly the plot, how it was going to end and why the people will like it.)

Riley from Inside Out
Riley from Inside Out

I found on Inside Out a really enjoyable movie, really entertaining for children who were laughing at some slapstick jokes and were loving all the characters. For the adults, it was a great reflexion about how we deal with our emotions and the approach that we are a sum of parts and we can work on them (Just as the people from Soulfullheart do). We can recognize from this movie how in our childhood, happiness was always dominating our emotions. Later on, when we grow up, it’s hard for us to be just happiness at all (which we learn in the movie is not that bad after all). We also learn that some other people are dominated from another feeling (sadness, anger, fear or disgust)

There were some really creative ideas as the way dreams are produced inside our brain, how do we think abstractly (I loved that part) or where do all our forgotten memories go to (The subconscious or the trash bin)

I spent a really nice time watching this movie, and I discussed for one hour later some of the reflextions from this movie. In order to continue with the discussion, I invite you to go and watch it. You won’t regret it!


Inside Out: The Feelings



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