Love Remains

Well, congratulations for blogging again. Somehow you have talked to me about all these ideas (Fear of Industrial Collapse, goals, fame, your healing work, etc.), Anyway, it is good that you’re expressing them on a written form because it helps you to practice your English skills. Keep going, your English is improving! 😉
I’m glad to be contributing to this change and this happiness in your life. I am perhaps more aware than you think I am aware about all of these. And you have made many positive changes in my life and I’m too in a happier state of happiness, ha ha!

¡Te quiero Mucho!

Fire on the Inside

We are always being imprinted by those with influence over us, but only those imprints left by those who have deeply loved us in real ways are the ones that linger…no, not linger…burn on like an infinite fire inside us – one that cannot easily be snuffed out.


Sometimes it is so easy to feel Her…to feel Him, that it’s as easy as breathing. My lungs’ natural capacity to fill up with air is akin to my heart and soul’s natural capacities to fill up with Divine love and support.

Sometimes though, it’s not that easy. It doesn’t feel that easy and I don’t feel that easily. Sometimes it feels like threading an impossible needle.

So how is it that somehow, somewhere deep inside me, I still have this undying knowingness that the Divine is totally and completely connected to me, supporting me, somehow? Is this what I have cultivated…

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