Kung Fu Panda 3 with the Kids from the Shelter

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Stealthy like Master Snake, Strong like Master Tiger, Fast like Master Crane and with a heart like Master Po; yesterday I finished work early from Vallarta Salads to go to Plaza Caracol to watch Kung Fu Panda 3 with the kids from “Vida Nueva” shelter and some of the volunteers of “Corazones Salseros” group. Cecy Guillen got free tickets for the children, so we only had to buy our own tickets and some snacks for the kids that actually costs the double or more than the movie ticket. Luckily the kid I was responsible of, only wanted a coke and a grapefruit slushie. I left my yellow bag at the counter, took one of the kids with me (every adult was responsible for one kid) and went inside the movie complex.
kungfu_teacher“Po, you are going to be the new Kung Fu teacher” is the Shifu’s first command for our beloved Panda. “I can’t teach. I can stay punching bad guys!” Po replies. “You can’t become better if you only do what you can do the best” is the Shifu’s reply and a big lesson for me, for the kids from Vida Nueva and from everybody there watching the movie.

Later on, Po again faces this challenge to become a teacher and a trainer when he has to train a community of Pandas. After his hilarious panic, he ends up having an approach towards training that schools nowadays should have. Po approaches an unskilled Panda for martial arts. “The thing that you know how to do best is The Panda Hug, so we are going to make your Panda Hug unbeatable.” It was too much popcorns for the kids from the shelter, so I have to use my Panda skills to help them finish the food.

I won’t say more about the movie, but I loved it. It’s has the same true essence of the first Kung Fu Panda movies, yet we can see that all characters (The Monkey, the Mantis, even the Tiger) have grown-up. They are more mature, but at the same time they are more relaxed and able to make fun of themselves.

When we went out, I’m joking with the kids about giving them a Panda Hug. Is a good way to approach this kids. I got the feeling that they might need a hug, specially with the tough lives some of them have. Cecy as the photographer she is, reunited us to pose for a group picture. I wanted to have the picture near a Kung Fu Panda poster. But we didn’t find one so we had to stand in front of the Batman poster for the Batman V. Superman movie.


I walked back home with Sujel and her two kids. I had the sensation I was missing something. We went through the lonely streets with no houses and many trees at Fluvial. We walked and had fun pretending we were stealthy ninjas walking through the forest. We had to take different paths, so I said good bye to Sujel and the kids, Panda hug included. I walked back home. When I was about to reach home, I realized what I was missing. I left my yellow back at Cinemex’s warehouse for bags. Now I had to walk back  to Plaza Caracoll, fast-ninja mode!

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