Hip Hop at Los Mangos Library 20th Anniversary in Downtown Vallarta.

insta_hiphopHip Hop at Los Mangos’ Library 20th Anniversary in Malecón Puerto Vallarta

Last Wednesday, was a very busy day with my usual dance classes. Plus, there was one of the activities to celebrate Los Mangos‘ library 20th anniversary at Puerto Vallarta. All the dance and music workshops were performing at the beautiful open-air theather known as “Aquiles Serdan” or better known as “Arcos del Malecón” at Downtown Puerto Vallarta.

My Hip Hop students were really motivated to perform. We did some cool bright green and white t-shirts (It reminded me of Shanti, sight!)

We danced 3 songs for the show:

1.- Schüttel Deinen Speck by the German singer Peter Fox (Song courtesy of my former German Roomie Katharina)
2.- Watch Me by the popular Silentó
3.- Downtown, a song about scooters by the Hip Hop star Macklemore.

It was the first time my students performed in such a big place. They were nervous and they committed some mistakes, but in general was a dance I personally enjoyed really much.

I invite other kids and teens to join the Hip Hop Dance Classes every Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm at Los Mangos Library, one block south of Costco in Puerto Vallarta.



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