San Sebastián

So as some of you might already know, I am in this new venture called Alalibre, which is a tours agency dedicated to create life experiences when you travel.
This is a resume of the latest trip I did with my roomie Fred, his family and my best friend Ana. Enjoy and I hope you can join us in our next Trip.

Como algunos de ustedes quizá ya saben, estoy en esta nueva empresa llamada Alalibre, que es una agencia de tours viajes dedicada a crear experiencias de vida cuando se viaja.
Este es un resumen del último viaje que hice con mi compañero Fred, su familia y mi mejor amiga Ana. Espero disfruten leerlo y espero que puedan unirse a nosotros en nuestro próximo viaje.

San Sebastian


Hello Travelers!

Last week, we went again to the marvelous mining town of San Sebastian, which is located one hour east from Puerto Vallarta. We had a great time walking through it’s cobblestone streets, admiring local art, buying organic coffee and other local products.
This time we decided to go all the way up to La Bufa hill so we hired semiautomatic and automatic ATV’s to go all the way up. We enjoyed the majestic view on top of this mountain.
On the way back, we went to Santa Gertrudis Mine and we dared to crawl all the way into the deeps of the earth at this 800 meters long mine.

As usual we had breakfast at the nice restaurants in La Estancia. Are you ready for our next adventure?

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