Settling down

I read this reflection about relationships and freedom that I will love to share with you:

“Most people, from an early age, develop an expectation that, at some point in their lives, they will find a mate. Whether male or female, they often hold a romantic image of walking off into the sunset, hand in hand. But they also often refer to that kind of relationship as “settling down”, which indicates a somewhat negative expectation of giving up some freedom and some fun for the more serious experience of a permanent relationship. In fact, as they observe the majority of the relationships that surround them, they do not see those relationships as providing joy and satisfaction and freedom (which is at the very basis of who-they-are and what they want), but instead, they see loss of joy and satisfaction and freedom. And so, there is tremendous discord around the subject of mating, or permanent relationships, because while most people do come to expect that they will eventually mate with another, they often do not look forward to the loss of freedom they have also come to expect.”

Text: Garima Sharma

Daily Dose for the Soul


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