La Maison du Tango

La Maison du Tango is an Airbnb home, an informal dance studio and a place where friends gather!

Spiritual Corner at La Maison du Tango

Quick Data

Category: Residential Building

Sub-Category: House, AirBnB

Status: 2 Stores House with 2 Rooms available for hosting guests.

Location: Los Sauces

City: Puerto Vallarta

Country: Mexico

Post Code: 48328

Telephone: +52 1 3222741372

Famous For: The Green Walls. The Motorcycle Collection. The Giant Chess

Avoid: The Grumpy Neighbor

Frequent Visitors: Israel (Inhabitant), Tango Cat (Former House Owner), Carmen (Frequent Guest), Fred (Former Inhabitant), Saraí (Former Inhabitant), Arely (Dance Assistant), Francia (Dance Assistant), Nanuk Of The North (Former House Pet),

Fun Fact: La Maison de Tango” means “The House of Tango” in French. But people often refer to “Maison” as Mansion!

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