Ayudando con Zumba en Tapachula

Ayudando con Zumba en Tapachula/ Supporting with Zumba at Tapachula

Zumba con Causa

The last Saturday the 23th I supported in a Zumba class at a little town called Santa Rosa Tapachula, after San José in Nayarit. This was a fundraising event for the constant construction of the kinder Juan Amos Cornelio in this town. The invitation was made to me by the instructor Mary Lorenzana and with me there were the instructors Mariela, Seika and Marisol. I was the only “man” in the event. The heat that we’re experiencing in Banderas Bay frightened some girls, but the people that assisted put a lot of spiceness during all the class. I did 6 songs ranging from Mexican Banda, Samba, Salsa, Belly Dance and even some sexy dances. The kinder’s principal was very grateful with the results.

Personally, I love being able to give a small support to these causes through something that I love to do as it is dancing. Continue reading “Ayudando con Zumba en Tapachula”

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