Come on and Dance Like a Dog!

Last Saturday I was invited to dance at a fundraising event at Los Mangos Library by a group called “Dogs for Life.” They work as a home shelter for homeless dogs. They provide them with food and a temporary home while they search for new homes for them.

Because this event was held at the Library I want to dance with my Hip Hop students there. The problem was that classes just started there and so far I had only 2 students joining the group: Emily & Xitlali. So with this little frame of time we prepared a small choreography with the song “Don’t let me down” by the Chainsmokers. I wanted to dance like if I was a dog without home and the process of one of this girls adopting me.

Everything was cool with the rehearsals but I was not able to find a mask or a disguise of a dog in the only 2 disguise shops in Puerto Vallarta. My brother tried to find a mask on one of his trips to Guadalajara without success. But then the help came from Berlin, ha ha! One of my best friends, Claudia is german. And a friend of her, Katharina, wanted to visit Mexico for a month and decided to come to work to Puerto Vallarta. Claudia asked me if I can host Katharina and I said yes. In the middle of the talk, I asked Katharina if there were costume shops in Berlin so she found a nice dog mask for me to wear.

So everything was set. I danced with this dog mask at the fundraising event and it was very cool. There were even some kids wanting to take pictures with me.









I am glad I was able to help this organization through the dance. For teens or adults that want to join my beginning Hip Hop Dance classes (Which are more like Jazz Funk classes) you can join my classes at Los Mangos Library. This is the schedule:


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