Merry Christmas

🎅🎄 I wish that you have spent a warm and cousy Christmas and that you have managed to be happy, or yet better to bring a moment of happiness to your loved ones or at least to the people around you that you sometimes don’t perceive.  That was my case:

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Disguised with some of the Santa Claus hats that I have used this year and in previous years, I went to Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta and Punta Mita to greet some of the people that I see on a daily basis among hotel entertainers, waiters, hostesses, Trash pickers, maids, baristas and others to give them a brief surprise. I asked them to introduce their hand in a Christmas boot and take out the first thing they touched, which was a candy, a chewing gum, peanuts or a chocolate. Then I asked them to introduce their hand in another Christmas boot from where they pulled out a small toy or school accessory. (A Toy Kitten, A ball with the Avengers or Moana, Hello Kitty’s crayons, Jumping Ropes, etc.) I know they are adults and that they are not asking for toys but I also know it’s important to reconnect with our inner child. Continue reading “Merry Christmas”

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