Merry Christmas

🎅🎄 I wish that you have spent a warm and cousy Christmas and that you have managed to be happy, or yet better to bring a moment of happiness to your loved ones or at least to the people around you that you sometimes don’t perceive.  That was my case:

(Leer este post en Español aquí)

Disguised with some of the Santa Claus hats that I have used this year and in previous years, I went to Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta and Punta Mita to greet some of the people that I see on a daily basis among hotel entertainers, waiters, hostesses, Trash pickers, maids, baristas and others to give them a brief surprise. I asked them to introduce their hand in a Christmas boot and take out the first thing they touched, which was a candy, a chewing gum, peanuts or a chocolate. Then I asked them to introduce their hand in another Christmas boot from where they pulled out a small toy or school accessory. (A Toy Kitten, A ball with the Avengers or Moana, Hello Kitty’s crayons, Jumping Ropes, etc.) I know they are adults and that they are not asking for toys but I also know it’s important to reconnect with our inner child.

I loved to see the faces that they did as they were pulling out the presents just as if they were kids. I also loved that some of them were even exchanging the toy that they got.

I felt a bit bad when some of them told me that they would spend their Christmas working. (It’s something very common in Vallarta because of its touristic nature) So I feel happy to have been able to bring a little Christmas spirit to their hearts. Even people who normally treated me dryly (like the security guards of certain hotels, or waiters etc) softened up with the detail.

Hopefully someday you try to do the same. Many people complain that for some reason or another they are never happy at Christmas. (They just focus on the things or people they are missing) But they are missing the point that what is really important, is to bring a little happiness to the people around them, family, friends and acquaintances. That will make you feel happier in return.

If I send you directly the link to this blog post is because I like you or I love you despise the distance and I wanted to share briefly my experience.

I am sending you hugs after my christmas dinner and I wish you work hard to make 2017, a happy year!

Merry Christmas Ho ho ho ho!








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