From an Angry Day to a Happy Dance Day!

Last tuesday I have to reckon I did a rant when I was unable to attend the first day of Modern Dance classes with teacher Kenya, neither I was able to go to the gym to lift weights and use the ellyptic machine. I was also unable to do some of the online marketing work I needed to do, specially with our new project, Vitaltres.

I don’t want to focus on the negativity I was having that day. I already dealt with it and I apologized with the victims of my silent rant (Mostly my workmates at Vallarta Salads and my Mom). It’s nice that I am learning how to feel deeply into my emotions after last year experiences. I think the main reason for my frustration comes from all of these boycotts to my new-year resolutions: Prevail in Dancing, Work-out and loose weight, do the things that you need to do to promote your work, do the right things with our new entrepreneurial project, etc.

Today in the other hand was a happy day. I worked-out. I went to Kenya’s classes. I even felt good that i was not really that behind other students. They are younger and more athletic, but I have still more experience in learning movements faster. I know is not good to compare myself but after those previous days it was good. Besides, I consider all of the classmates very nice persons and it was nice to reconnect with them.

On the other hand, our new project Vitaltres, is opening next week. There is a lot, really a lot to work on, but I am thankful and happy that I have still this kind of challenges on my life. I will talk later about it, but basically this new business focuses on helping other people fight against their weight problems by focusing on three core concepts: Fitness, Nutrition and Phsycological work. I am going to be part of the first concept.

Above all, and what keeps me happy as well, is that after some extra money I received today (thanks AirBnB!) and a spare spot available finally, I was able to book a place at the Manga Drawing workshop at Los Mangos Library. I am really happy about it. I will keep you updated about how I go with it.

When I am able to draw cool Manga, I will post it here, but meanwhile I will leave you with the exercise we were doing today at Plataforma 322 with Kenya. I am the guy that goes in the second group and behind me is the lovely Dany Kokonauta. Continue reading “From an Angry Day to a Happy Dance Day!”

Hip Hop & Salsa Casino @ Biblioteca Los Mangos 2017

Y en otras notihiphop_3dancerscias más agradables, reinician las clases de danza y otras artes en el Centro Cultural Biblioteca Los Mangos. Una vez más impartiré dos talleres:
In other nicer news, arts and dance classes restart at Los Mangos Library. One again I will teach:



  • Hip Hop

Baile Hip Hop Principiantes para chavas y chavos de 8 años para arriba. El horario es martes y jueves a las 7pm.
Hip Hop Dance Begginers for girls and boys from 8 years old and up. The schedule is tuesdays and thursdays at 7pm

  • salsaanim


Salsa Casino y Bailes de Salón Latinos para mujeres y hombres adolescentes y adultos. El horario es martes y jueves a las 8pm
Casino Salsa and Latin Ballroom Dance for women and men teenager and adults. y Bailes de Salón Latinos para mujeres y hombres adolescentes y adultos. The schedule is tuesdays and thursdays at 8pm




Hoy, Subasta de Arte en Biblioteca Los Mangos Puerto Vallarta

Hoy hay subasta de arte a las 6pm en Biblioteca los Mangos Vallarta. El dinero recaudado sirve para el funcionamiento y mantenimiento de la Biblioteca, institución civil que no recibe dinero gubernamental.
Si alguien va a la subasta y no compra arte, también se puede meter al salón de danza de la biblioteca a mi clase de Hip Hop a las 6:30pm o a la clase de Salsa Casino y Bailes de Salón a las 7:30 pm.

Today there is an art auction at 6pm at Los Mangos Library Vallarta. The collected money helps for running and maintaining the Library, an ONG that doesn’t receive money from the government.
If you go to the auction but don’t buy art, you can also go into the dance classroom for my Hip Hop Class at 6:30pm or my Salsa Casino class at 7:30pm. Continue reading “Hoy, Subasta de Arte en Biblioteca Los Mangos Puerto Vallarta”

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