Fall and Stand

I’ve been a little bit busy with real life and I’ve been able to update my remote friends and family about my whereabouts. Some are recently coming to Puerto Vallarta or asking me online what has happened. So here it goes:

I have to admit last months have been tough. I had to close my dance academy; We closed our Salads first restaurant in Puerto Vallarta to stay only in the smaller one in Nuevo Vallarta; Debts are still there wanting to be feed; My scooter has been broken for the last 4 months; I had to quit for some time my Zumba Network membership and now I’m selling my house and furniture.

But contrary to what you might think, right now I feel positive, maybe as happy as before. In a way is kind of relieving to close some circles, get rid of heavy things and start new ones. I’m still thinking to reopen my dance studio, to avoid all mistakes I did and to regain the position as one of the top dance schools in Banderas Bay that we once were. Working now in many places all over has given me some new perspectives, contacts and ideas.

I’m also glad that now I’m working more in the show business. This is thanks to the circus group Akros where I can provide a little bit of my stage knowledge but also learn from them acrobats, jugglers, clowns and fire artists. They all keep myself motivated to train harder.

I’m also glad that former Shanti students still recommend my work so I’m getting some good group and private lessons in hotels, in dance schools like Zity Dance Center and in open community spaces for low-resource people like in the governmental fitness program that I’m doing now at SEDATU Mojoneras.

I’m also getting nice choreographic projects for teens. I’m currently working on 3 choreographies that are really challenging my creativity (2 of them involve Ocult stuff and one involves Beyonce, ha ha)

Not having a scooter has been good to appreciate more the public buses (and sleep a lot on them). Plus goes more with my ecological spirit.

Hard times like these are also good to valorate the unconditional support that I have from my family (Lety, Emilio, Josué, Vicky, Gustavo, Daniel, Tango etc). Times like these are good to valorate the friendship of many former friends (Jimbo, Sujel, Rubén, Ingrid, Alma, Rick, July, Zarza, Radisisters… it’s hard to enlist all of them).

Changing my habits also made me meet new friends at random spots as CTM Infonavit, Los Mangos Library, Herbalife, Mojoneras, Nuevo Vallarta, Bucerias and even Octopus Garden at La Cruz de Huanacaxtle.

And speaking about La Cruz, thanks to my change of life habits I ended up here meeting Kathleen, the Canadian smart girl in charge of ending 3 years of unstable love situation and refueling my passion for everything I do and everything I stand for.

Things happening down here are changing with the speed of Hurricane Patricia, but I feel as strong as Huracán Ramírez (Méxican wrestler) to overcome over all of them.

Thanks Ganesha, Thanks Universe, Thanks Allah, Thanks Jesus, Thanks Buddah, Thanks Odín, Thanks Life for all the blessings.

Happy days between Canadian Thanksgiving and real Thanksgiving to all of you!


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