Israel and Kathleen are decorating their Christmas Tree

Israel and Kathleen are decorating their Christmas tree.
Israel y Kathleen están decorando su arbol de Navidad.

Israel and Kathleen are decorating their Christsmas Tree


As most of you friends already know, Kathleen has moved from Chacala into my house in Puerto Vallarta. It was necessary as distance from Chacala and Vallarta was becoming a trouble. Specially after Kat’s unfortunate car accident which made traveling between the two cities more complicated.

So now, I am having a happy home with a wonderful girlfriend and two sons, my cat Tango, and her Dog Nanook. Adapting to a new way of life might be difficult, a lil’ bit for Kathleen, a lot for Nanook. Tango doesn’t really care as long as he continues to be feed, to have 19 hours naps and to feel safe from Nanook. Nanook is not really caring about Tango. But in the other hand, he is suffering from the new house’s rules, specially now that Kathleen is working with a Dog Training company and Nanook, is a new student there, realizing that he has to get rid of his old habits.

I think Kat feels really comfy at my house, La Maison du Tango. But she has this dessire to make her personal footprint to make it more hers. I agree with her. So today, we engage a bit in a couple activity such as decorating the Christmas tree. It was fun. I made hot chocolate and played a cool Christmas dance music list from Youtube portraying also Pirates of the Caribbean music, ha ha!

I want to say Merry Christmas personally to everyone, but if you manage to only read this, merry Christmas to you!

Ho ho ho ho ho!

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