My Heart is Divided.

What if we were in the same path.


What if dance is not my passion?
What if the ranch has a fancy mansion?
What if she felt more attached to the city?
What if I made her life here less of a pity?

She talks to me about healing herself in that land;
But then she feels she is talking to me in German slang.
I do understand what is like to go far away.
I spent one year in India learning my way.

It’s easy to love someone who has been near you physically.
It’s hard to let this person go for her own health, spiritually.
But real love means you have to look for her happiness.
Even if that means you’ve to be left behind with sadness.

What hurts the most is my brain looking for a solution;
A hope where both of our paths can meet, a fussion.
We have talked about it, everything has been mentioned.
Yet we haven’t find the key. There is only resignation.

There are a some weeks left before departure day.
The final trip to the ranch, no more else to say.
Snuggling, cooking, joking, walking together happy.
Many things I will do these days to get her happy.


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