Premier, Captain América Civil War.

(Ver la reseña en español aquí)

After a long day, finally the day to see the premiere of Captain America Civil War arrived. Luckily for Mexicans, the film was released a week before its premiere scheduled for May the 6th in USA. The reason: There was a warranty to have a full box office success on the weekend with Mexican Children’s day and the Labor Day. I went with my geek friends and some not so geek. The cinema was cramming despite being midnight. We can even feel the floor at Macroplaza vibrating and it seemed like it will collapse with so many people. The expectations in the film and with the directors, the Russo brothers were very high but fortunately the movie did a good fight.

Civil-War-2-Spiderman-altWhile the film is somewhat long and has so many characters in the same film, it does a good job by not wasting time on origin stories, especially in Spiderman’s origin since is something that everyone already knows. And speaking of Spiderman, he is one of the biggest successes of the film. Perhaps for the first time the actor Tom Holland hit the nail in interpreting the naive, geek and noble personality of Spiderman, especially in his younger version in  the “Ultimate” comics. His character is not as crucial to the plot as those who followed the “Civil War” series in comics can imagine. And this is because Marvel, not being sure Sony would give-up the rights of the character, chose to put more weight in the plot with the characters of Winter Soldier and Black Panther. Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman) is the only “new” superhero but he does not feel forced into the moive. It is fully justified its involvement in the conflict by the excellent script. Thus, we also find as a great comic relief the participation  of Ant-Man with his peculiar fighting style.

And speaking of scripts, this film has more consistency than other films like Iron Man 3 or Age of Ultron. It is not necessary that superheroes are dressed in their costumes for the narrative tension to keep us on the edge of the chair. In fact, there are many action scenes without the major superheroes using their superpowered costumes. It’s more like an action detective movie than a fantasy one.

I won’t say that the film is perfect, it has some flaws. Perhaps the main thing is try to justify why if they are friends and want to be good-doers, they keep fighting for so long no matter the collateral damage they do rather than going for a coffee and discuss the problems. But it is the same flaw that I saw in the comics. There is also a villain in the film. And I also felt it was a bit stupid that he could get away with everything just like Lex Luthor in the latest Batman movie against Supersappy.

I will not write more about the movie, but I highly recommend you go see it. Go before they ruin you the surprise with all memes with spoilers that are already starting to circulate on social networks.




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