Social Biker Work @ Puerto Vallarta

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I always end up doing the fun things when related to social work! This time I received the invitation by Gil from the Motorcyclist Club “Ovejas Negras 69” to take the kids from the shelter to play a soccer game at the Club Soccer Vallarta’s fields. Obviously and because this is a bike’s club, we will take the kids in motorcycle. This is what happened:

Bikers with a kid or an educator at Marina Vallarta. I’m all the way to the front, just behind the Traffic Police Officer.

As you know, It’s been a while I have been doing social work with children of Casa Hogar Nueva Vida. Gil is a Salsa Dancer (L.A. Style, but at the end Salsa Dancer heh heh!) and has also supported on numerous occasions Cecy Guillen (Head of Salseros de Corazón) in the causes. In a previous occasion, he accompanied us when I organized a game with them long ago also at Club Soccer. Gil is also a member of the Motorcycle Club “Club Ovejas Negras 69” and they have also done things on their own with this children shelter. On this occasion, and as a posthumous event to Children’s day in Mexico, Gil decided to motivate the kids into sports and bring them along with the choppers to play football. I, as I love being stepping in all the time, ended up going with them in my not so luxurious Yamaha T-Max from a Prehistoric age. (It might not be a Great-Tourism bike, but it can still keep up the step with them.)

The caravan left the children shelter at Coapinole with a traffic police officer to the head. We took them on a tour to the Marina and from there back to the court in Club Soccer. People walking by and on car stopped to watch the parade of big bikes. Some young children on sidewalks greeted the motorcyclists and our children happily returned the salute. Two motorcyclists that were not having kids with them, supported the traffic police officer with the caravan. I was impressed how coordinated they were to keep the group together and prevent crazy car drivers to cross by in between, just like shepherd dogs guiding a group of sheep, black sheep. I, with my scooter, felt special. My young companion, wearing my Batman helmet, felt even more special. Holy Horns!

The first surprise that the children had occurred when we reached the courts: 1 pair of football tennis for each of them were waiting for them. With them on, they jumped with excitement onto the field, and the matches with waiting challengers were organized. Every team had 9 players. I teamed-up with Rocky (one of the educators) and several of the children. Every time one team scored a goal, the other team had to leave and another team will come to challenge the winner. I have to show off telling that we won 4 games and lost none. I think the rule to win here was that it is better to have training and youth than a big beer biker belly. In the end the one that defeated us was Vallarta’s sun. Fortunately someone had the good idea to have cold drinks ready for everyone. Ah! and pizza! Oh Pizza!

I had a great time with the kids. I want to thank all the riders who participated, Beto Mora, the Traffic Police official and Tello, Soccer Club owner. Now, let’s go back home, rum, rum rum!

(Photos below)

Official Photo at the Shelter
Football Tennis for every kid.
Kids waiting for their present (The shoes, a football ball, a beach ball, a Spinning Top and some candies)
The Traffic Police Officer giving indications
My T-Max in the middle of all the choppers.
This is my best position I play



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