Anniversary of Tango Cat’s Adoption

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One July the 8th as today, but 6 years ago, Tango the cat came into my life. Coming up next in this blog, I will tell you how is that Tango came stealthy into my house, stealing our hearts, and the heart of many friends and internet surfers that adore him.

I was finishing a late night Cuban Salsa class at Shanti Studio‘s former facilities in Plaza Caracol. It was heavily raining as usual during the summer monsoons in Puerto Vallarta. I was walking back with my former girlfriend Dafne to her car when we heard a really soft meow coming from a sidewalk sewer in the parking lot. I remember I said something like “Look Daf! There is a small kitten there” and then I was going to continue with my walk. But Daf stopped me complaining that we were not going to be able the baby cat there to his own luck. She tried to call him out of the sewer, but obviously the kitten was afraid of us humans. He seemed he was very weak and maybe sick. So Daf sent me to the nearest Oxxo to buy milk and cat food for the kitten. As I came back, we served the food on an improvised plate and with lots of patience we waited under the rain until the kitten was coming up. Then I said something like “Ok, now he is ok! Let’s go!” But Daf went into her girl with rant mood to say that we should take care for the kitten and bring him to the house, at least for this rainy night. I accepted. She took the cat.

When we arrived at the house, I insisted that the cat neeeded to stay outside in the yard. We had a roof there so he was going to be ok. Daf complained but agreed and we improvised a bed for him. The next day we took the kitten to the Veterinarean, a girl named Noemi that worked in a former pet store in Plaza Caracol. Daf opened the car door carelessly and the kitten by instinct ran away to hide below another car. Daf was very sensitive at that moment and started to cry. So I went to the vet and asked for help. Noemi the veterinarean came out with some food and called the kitten. The kitten came out and allowed us to grab him.

Noemi found that the kitten had some severe injuries in one of the ears. He was also suffering of malnutrition and he must have been only 2.5 months old. We payed for all the cat care. I was still thinking in giving him in adoption after he recovered from everything. After some days, the kitten came back home with us, and stayed there for days, weeks, months, he he! He was very charming, and sweet, and surprisingly clean and I really got affectionate with him really fast. We slowly bought him many cat stuff. Daf’s idea was to call him “Magenta” as she was thinking the kitten was a girl and she was really into painting. When Noemi told us he was a boy. I came up saying, then it was my turn to name the cat. I remembered I was playing a facebook game called “Fluffy Friends” where I was having a virtual pet called Mambo Chango and I was thinking that a dance rhythm was good for naming a pet. I tought then than Tango was a better name for a cat rather than Mambo. Tango is elegant with gliding, stealthy steps and complicated footwork, so I tought it was much better name for him. That’s when the kitten got the name Tango and became part of our family.

Baby Tango

Baby Tango playing with pillows


Baby Tangos first toy
Baby Tango’s first toy









Now, it has been already 6 years from that moment and it’s hard for me to imagine my life without Tango. Daf and me took different life paths. Her jobs in the construction field demanded her to be travelling a lot. So it was better for Tango to stay at the house in Vallarta. After all, I ended up calling my house “Maison du Tango” after him, like he was the real owner of the house. Sometimes I think he feels like the legitime owner and he is always taking care of it. When I come home, he is always there to welcome me, but he knows he has to give me my space and he has his space on his own. This year, I got a dog (another story) and contrary to what we might think, Tango has been more able to tolerate the dog rather than leaving the house. After all, it’s his house. Thus, they are learning to deal with each other all along.

Thanks Tango!

Tango and Israel
Tango and Israel




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