Uber in Puerto Vallarta

Last Sunday, we went to The Jazz Foundation for their 2nd anniversary. Later, my mom jumped into a Taxi as the rest of us were heading to La Bodeguita. When she said to the taxi driver she was going to “Palmar de Aramara”, she was asked to get down by the driver because it was too far. (Palmar de Aramara far???) The other taxi drivers there denied her the service too. She replied to them “I am glad Uber is coming because we won’t have to beg you anymore!” Then she left and walked several blocks before finding a nice taxi driver.
As you might know already, Uber is coming to Puerto Vallarta and Bahía de Banderas. It might not be an option for many, including me;(I barely use taxis; I prefer buses or  even walking when possible) but it’s great that it is coming.
I acknowledge that Uber drivers can also withdraw from taking passengers. I also acknowledge that Uber with its dinamic fares might be more expensive than regular cabs, specially in a less populated ciry like Vallarta with few drivers. However, competition is good and Vallarta’s taxi drivers eventually will learn they are not the kings of the road.

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