Instagram’s #Top9, a review of 2019

Like all years, it’s a tradition to introduce Instagram’s Top 9 pictures and videos of 2019. I lived a lot of important moments that are not reflected here, but these are the moments viewers liked the most.
Como todos los años es una tradición presentar las 9 fotos y videos más gustadas del 2019 en Instagram. Muchos de los momentos más importantes de mi año no están reflejados aquí, pero estos son los momentos que los que andaban viendo les gustaron más.

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Uber in Puerto Vallarta

Last Sunday, we went to The Jazz Foundation for their 2nd anniversary. Later, my mom jumped into a Taxi as the rest of us were heading to La Bodeguita. When she said to the taxi driver she was going to “Palmar de Aramara”, she was asked to get down by the driver because it was too far. (Palmar de Aramara far???) The other taxi drivers there denied her the service too. She replied to them “I am glad Uber is coming because we won’t have to beg you anymore!” Then she left and walked several blocks before finding a nice taxi driver. Continue reading “Uber in Puerto Vallarta”

What’s going on with the civil unrest in Mexico on this 2017?

Many of my Non-Mexican friends living in Mexico might be unaware of what is going on for the last 3 days in Mexico, so I will try to briefly explain it on my blog.
At the end of last year, the house of representatives (Diputados) and the senate of Mexico approved a 20% increase in a special tax called IEPS (Impuesto Especial sobre Producción y Servicios) on Gasoline. On December the 28th (Fools Day in Mexico), many PEMEX Gas stations denied the sale of gasoline or limited the amount sold of it to the car drivers. Mexicans were speculating that station owners wanted to wait until the fuel was more expensive. Other people say, Pemex company was having financial trouble to supply the demand to all the country or that the raise in the dollar was affecting their purchases. That day there was huge collective panic of what was going to happen. (Even I panicked and I never panic) Just in case, we saved as much as possible the gasoline of the company car.

On the next days, some voices raised asking the Mexicans not to fill their tanks on the 1st of January. Mexican drivers filled their cars’ tanks all the way up. New Year came and Mexicans as usual went partying and forgot about everything. ¡Fiesta time!

On the first day of January 2017, gas stations seemed like ghost towns. Partly because everybody had their tanks full, partly because there was a protest against the raise in fuel, and partly because Mexicans were having a huge New Years’ hangover at their homes.

On Monday the 2nd, I went to work to an hotel in Punta Mita just to find out that the price of the ticket raised 3 pesos. That same Monday, the CFE (The Federal Company in charge of electricity) decided to increase the bill on more than 20%. Other prices just came up. Lourdes the lady that helps me to clean at my house (La Maison du Tango), also asked for an increase on her salary because buses were getting more expensive.

Civil protests happen that same day in 16 of the 30 states in Mexico. Some people took the tolls at the private highways and allowed drivers to pass by without paying. Other people in other cities took gas stations and allowed people to fill their tanks for free.

People in Mexicali, created big rat-traps and placed them outside of all of the politicians in that city that voted for the increase in the tax.

Old ladies in a southern city burnt a lot of chillis outside of the majorship and blew the smoke inside so all the politicians suffered the vengueance of the “Chiles Asados” inside.

On Social Networks such as Twitter and Facebook, everybody started to troll the account of President Peña Nieto, who by the way was enjoying his long holidays at the beach.

In Guadalajara, protesters pushed their cars on one of the main avenues of the city. Some nasty drunk people joined the parade and threw stones to the police officers. So the police officers stroke back with lacrimogen gas to all the protesters.


The Mexicans are really heated up. When president Peña Nieto comes back from his nice holidays he will find that 85% of Mexicans want to throw him to the lions.

Me as an ecologist, I strongly encourage people to reduce the use of fuel as a protest and also as a way to pay less. Use the bicycle and walk whenever possible. In my brothers’ restaurant Vallarta Salads, we offer a free drink to all the people going there by bike. Check the Promo here

So try it, give the bicycle a chance, wake up, and let the government know you are mad!




Vallarta Salads

Desde nuestro local en Nuevo Vallarta hemos leído con interés las acciones que algunos de nuestros clientes planeanime_bicyclean realizar para combatir los gasolinazos en México.

La bicicleta es una opción saludable y ecológica para efectivamente disminuir el uso de gasolina. Por eso en Vallarta Salads ofrecemos un agua fresca gratis a todos nuestros clientes que lleguen a comer en bicicleta durante estos dos días que durará el boicot.

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Record personal de velocidad tan sólo por bailar.

Este sábado pasado fué la celebración del cierre de los talleres de danza del ciclo de primavera de la Biblioteca Los Mangos. La idea que todos los maestros pusieran a sus alumnos a bailar, en mi caso yo con ellos, a las 12pm en el Auditorio Cecatur en Puerto Vallarta. Por otra parte, inicié de lleno clases para los turistas de verano en el Palladium de Punta Mita y ese sábado me tocaba dar Zumba de 10:30am a 11am. Susy, mi amiga instructora que me podía cubrir por aquel lado no podía cubrirme y no confié en dejarle la clase a alguien más. Así que como solución para poder atender los dos compromisos, decidí hacer lo que cualquier Goyito haría…

¡Romper un record de velocidad!

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¿Que pasa si a la mitad de tu clase de Zumba se mete un mono?

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A estas alturas del partido, yo pensaba que ya me había todado verlo todo y vivirlo todo durante una clase de Zumba Fitness. Equivocado estaba. Hoy me tocó vivir una situación nueva que quizá sólo le haya pasado a los maestros Zumba ZES como Eliza o Braulio o al Zumba Yoda Sensei Beto y quizá solo ellos puedan contestar esta pregunta para futuras referencias. ¿Qué haces si a la mitad de la clase de Zumba un mono se mete a la pista de baile? Bueno, eso me pasó hoy: Continue reading “¿Que pasa si a la mitad de tu clase de Zumba se mete un mono?”

How to deal with a monkey in your Zumba class?

(Leer este post en Español)

At this point of the game, I was thinking I have seen it all and deal with all kinds of situation during a Zumba Fitness class. However today I experienced a brand-new situation that maybe only has happened to people such as the Zumba ZES masters such as Eliza Stone or Braulio Cruz or Zumba Yoda Beto Perez. Some of them need to answer it for future references:
What happens if at the middle of the Zumba Class a monkey comes to the dance floor?

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