Israel Andalón’s new year 2018 summary

I want to do a small update on my behalf since I haven’t posted since the last year… and so far it has been a very busy month.

Israel’s New Year 2018

January the 1st

I started the new year with the right foot doing what I love to do more, which is dancing. I was hired by Pinpon the Clown who has an entertainment company to dance for two latin shows on New Year’s eve. He invited me to do some salsa, merengue and bachata in couple as an extra for his latin circus show. For some reasons I won’t explain again in this post, I was lacking a dance partner. Luckily I learnt that a previous charming dance student which is also a Zumba instructor Cassandra was visiting her mom in town. I invited her and after some up and downs, we ended up performing on New Year. I was very pleased with the results. You can see some of that work on the videos at the end of this blog.

Cassandra Aragon and Israel dancing Sueña

Traveling and Languages

One of my goals for new year is to get back in track with my love for traveling and learning languages. So I am highly committed to get out of the country at least once this year. Regarding languages, I wanted to improve my french skills. I might need it for a possible job that I can’t yet tell you until it becomes a reality (I don’t want to spoil any possible outcome before time).  There is a Salsa friend that teaches private french classes. I got a good deal with her, so I’m taking french conversation classes 3 times per week. So far I have improved a little bit my french.


And regarding traveling, well as you all know, I’m also a Couchsurfer and Airbnb host. I even invited one friend, Liz, to join me on Airbnb. She came with a great idea to improve the experience of our guests when exploring Vallarta and aid them to visit off-the-beaten-track places in the region. So we ended up creating a new joint venture called Alalibre . We have done already 2 great short trips with foreigners to Colomitos beach and to Quimixto village. Our next big trip is to Mayto. Please feel free to add Alalibre on all your social networks: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Exploring the region with alalibre’s guests


Another New Year’s goal was to get back into the modern dance scene no matter that my leg muscles are still in strain. I joined a modern dance workshop and so far it has been great. I am also back with Salsa Casino and Zumba classes at Los Mangos Library and at Costa Sur Hotel and at other private places. I decided to quit for the moment the teaching of Hip Hop at Mangos. In the other hand, I’m continuing on the business of creating choreographies for the Quinceaños Parties (The equivalent of the Am

Modern Dance class at Plataforma 322

erican Sweet Sixteen party but with dance)

Cuban Salsa and Rueda de Casino class at Costa Sur

Vallarta Salads

I’m continuing with my part-time job in our family restaurant: Vallarta Salads. I’m glad that every day it becomes more famous in the Nuevo Vallarta area. Although it’s smaller than the one we had in 3.14 shopping mall, it sells more and my family seems to be happier with it.

Israel with clients from ETN bus company at Vallarta Salads.

Dance Company: Latin Flow

When I did my latest Cuban Salsa Choreography “Sueña” for an event by “Salsa en Puerto Vallarta” on J&B Dancing Club, I committed myself to sell this choreography and other dance numbers to hotels. That’s how Pinpon hired me for new year. In one of the hotels where I teach salsa and Zumba, they also wanted to hire me for a new latino dance show they were creating. I recruited other 5 dancers, including Cassandra and we did our first performance last Monday. Despise the lack of rehearsals, the show was a success. When they asked for our name, Cassandra came with the name “Latin Flow” and that’s how we were baptized.

Jorge, Carlos, Rosy, Ana, Cassanda and Israel: Latin Flow having dinner after a show.

Friendship and Love

I am also starting with the right foot on this area. After some bad experiences from last year, I committed myself to restrain from searching a love companion at least for the first 3 months and focus rather on friendship and work. You might read it as a little bit to drastical, but it has worked good enough for me. At least for now. Thus, I have been a party machine no matter how much work I have been involved with. And it has been great. I have strenghten friendship with people I care and I have also went out with my mom, dad, brother and sister-in-law which has strenghten the family ties.

With family and friends at the opening of Aloha bar.


So that’s it from my side. Thanks for reading this update and I hope to read any kind of feedback from you. Also I will love to know what are you up to and how can I help you to achieve your goals.


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