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From an Angry Day to a Happy Dance Day!

Last tuesday I have to reckon I did a rant when I was unable to attend the first day of Modern Dance classes with teacher Kenya, neither I was able to go to the gym to lift weights and use the ellyptic machine. I was also unable to do some of the online marketing work I needed to do, specially with our new project, Vitaltres.

I don’t want to focus on the negativity I was having that day. I already dealt with it and I apologized with the victims of my silent rant (Mostly my workmates at Vallarta Salads and my Mom). It’s nice that I am learning how to feel deeply into my emotions after last year experiences. I think the main reason for my frustration comes from all of these boycotts to my new-year resolutions: Prevail in Dancing, Work-out and loose weight, do the things that you need to do to promote your work, do the right things with our new entrepreneurial project, etc.

Today in the other hand was a happy day. I worked-out. I went to Kenya’s classes. I even felt good that i was not really that behind other students. They are younger and more athletic, but I have still more experience in learning movements faster. I know is not good to compare myself but after those previous days it was good. Besides, I consider all of the classmates very nice persons and it was nice to reconnect with them.

On the other hand, our new project Vitaltres, is opening next week. There is a lot, really a lot to work on, but I am thankful and happy that I have still this kind of challenges on my life. I will talk later about it, but basically this new business focuses on helping other people fight against their weight problems by focusing on three core concepts: Fitness, Nutrition and Phsycological work. I am going to be part of the first concept.

Above all, and what keeps me happy as well, is that after some extra money I received today (thanks AirBnB!) and a spare spot available finally, I was able to book a place at the Manga Drawing workshop at Los Mangos Library. I am really happy about it. I will keep you updated about how I go with it.

When I am able to draw cool Manga, I will post it here, but meanwhile I will leave you with the exercise we were doing today at Plataforma 322 with Kenya. I am the guy that goes in the second group and behind me is the lovely Dany Kokonauta. Continue reading “From an Angry Day to a Happy Dance Day!”

3 años de Vallarta Salads

One day like today, 3 years ago, we splitted from Super Salads Franchise in order to make our own brand: Vallarta Salads. I have to reckon it has been like a rollercoaster but the trip has been worth it. Thanks to everybody who has come to eat and have a good time with us some day in all of these 3 years. Thanks!

Un día como hoy, hace 3 años, nos separamos de la franquicia de Super Salads con el fin de hacer nuestra propia marca: Vallarta Salads. Tengo que admitir que ha sido como una montaña rusa, pero el viaje ha valido la pena. Gracias a todos los que han venido a comer y tener un buen tiempo con nosotros alguno de los dias de estos 3 años. ¡Gracias!

Un jour comme aujourd’hui, il y a 3 ans, nous nos separons du franchise de Super Salads afin de rendre notre propre nom: Vallarta Salads. Je dois admettre qu’il a été comme des montagnes russes, mais le voyage a été très valuable. Merci à tout le monde qui est venu ici pour manger et passer un bon moment avec nous quelque jour dans ces 3 années. Merci!

Vallarta Salads

Hoy celebramos 3 años desde que nos convertimos en una marca independiente. 

¡Gracias por su preferencia!

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International Tango Day

11 de Diciembre:Día Internacional del Tango. Les comparto esta coreo mitad tango, mitad danza contemporánea, del cuál me siento orgulloso. Y recuerden que mientras yo viva, el tango no morirá, je je!

11 du Décembre: Journée internationale de Tango. Je partage cette choreographie, demi Tango​, la moitié de la danse contemporaine, dont je suis fier. Et on doire rappeler que tant que je vivrai, le tango ne mourirá pas, he he!

December 11:International Tango Day. I share this coreographie, half tango, half contemporary dance of which I am particullarly proud. And remember that while I continue alive, the tango won’t die, he he!

11 de Dezembro:Dia Internacional de Tango. Eu partilho pra vòôcés dessa coreo, metade do tango, metade do dança contemporânea, da qual fico  orgulhoso. É lembre-se que, enquanto eu viver, o tango não morrera, he he!


“Se Cae la Casa” (Fragmento)
“The House is falling”
Bailarines/Dancers: Erendira Estrada & Israel Andalon
coreografía/Choreography: Israel Andalón
Dirección Coreográfica/Choreographic Direction: Luis Medina
Música/Music: Orquesta de la Plata
Danza Contemporánea/Modern Dance
espectáculo de Cartelera Escénica Puerto Vallarta


Y aquí les comparto un ensayo/And here I share with you a rehearsal:

Bailando (Salsa Casino)

A great performance we did with the salsa version of the song “Bailando” at J&B Dancing Club.

Shanti Studio

(Salsa Casino @ J&B Dancing Club)

Este Sentimiento (Fanny)

El pasado 25 de Febrero, Shanti Studio participó en la Fiesta Latina del Mes en J&B Dancing Club con el tema Rueda de Casino.

El maestro Israel Andalón presentó la coreografía de “Bailando”
Bailarines: Estefania Gutierrez, Ana Manzeira, Sujel Espinoza, Jorge Sabugo Meza, Javier Medina & Israel Andalon
Música: Issac Delgado, Gente de Zona & Descemer Bueno – #Bailando
Coreografía: Israel Andalón.

Equipo de Shanti Studio

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