Batsignal will be displayed today as a tribute to Adam West

DC Comics & the Mayor of L.A. celebrate the Bright Knight with a tribute to Adam West (The First Batman on TV who recently died of Leucemia) in Los Angeles California today at 9pm (local time). The Batsignal will be turn on for the first time.

DC Comics y La alcaldía de L.A. celebran al Caballero brillante con un tributo a Adam West (El primer actor en TV de Batman que recientemente murió de Leucemia) en Los Angeles California hoy a las 9pm (hora local). La batiseñal será encendida por primera vez.

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Thor: Ragnarok, Or What It’s Like to Watch the Whole World Cheer As Your Favorite Franchise Is Burned to the Ground

This blog totally summarizes my feelings about the new Thor 3 Trailer. Though I am excited this will be the Thor movie that everybody is going to love.


We Minored in Film

Well, I certainly underestimated things.

Like the millions of other people around the world, I watched the new Thor: Ragnarok trailer yesterday. However, I watched it just the one time in the morning and didn’t give it a second thought. As the day progressed, my social media feed was inundated with Ragnarok buzz, and by the end of the day just about every single pop culture site had published their mandatory deep dive into every second of the trailer. THR was left struggling to glean some lesson from the trailer’s record-breaking success, deducing that earning 136 million views in 24 hours (the best debut for any Disney movie trailer) probably means people….um….umm…..

Have missed Thor and Hulk since their two-year, post-Age of Ultron absence, minus Thor’s Doctor Strange cameo?

Have really missed Loki since 2013’s The Dark World?

Totally dig that someone finally thought to put Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song”…

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Gods from many cultures drew as Comic book Superheroes

  • Gods from many cultures drew as Comic book Superheroes. I loved these drawings that I found on internet. The credit belongs totally to the unknown author.
  • Dioses de muchas culturas dibujados como Superheroes de Comics. Me encantaron estos dibujos que encontré en internet. El crédito le pertenece totalmente al autor desconocido.
  • Dieux de nombreuses cultures dessinées comme Superheroes Comics. J’ai adoré ces images que j’ai trouvé sur internet. Le crédit lui appartient auteur complètement inconnu.
  • Deuses de muitas culturas desenhados como Superheroes do Comics. Eu amei estas imagens que encontrei na internet. O crédito pertence a ele autor completamente desconhecido.

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Goyo Potter and the Cursed Child

Reading Harry Potter at the bus
Reading Harry Potter at the bus

When I work as a dancer or dance instructor in hotels, is very common I have to wait a long time for the job to start. In one of the hotels I work on a weekly basis in Punta Mita, they have a bookshelf where Hotel Guests can leave their finished books so another one can read them. For some reason, it is mostly foreigners the ones who leave the books behinds. Mexican guests rarely leave their books behind. For that same reason, most of the books left at the bookshelf are in English, thus most of the Mexicans wandering there just leave without picking any book.

I got this habit of checking regularly there. When I find something really interesting, I leave one of my books in Spanish I read already and I take one with me. Last week, I was surprised to see that someone left “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.” This is the unofficial 8th book of Harry Potter’s Saga. It is unofficial as it was developped as an exercise by J.K Rowling, John Tiffany and Jack Thorne to imagine possible futures for Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy, Ron Weasley, Ginny and other characters. As far as I know it was not released massively as the other books. It was rather turned into a play by Jack Thorne and put on London Theaters at the end of July, 2016.

So it was extremely delightful to find this rehearsal storyline just there, in one forgotten corner at the bookshelf of the hotel. Hogwarts has been a peaceful place for 14 years. Harry Potter is reaching his 40’s and is father of Albus Severus Potter. Albus biggest problem is to deal with his fathers’ fame, and the weight of a family he never asked for. As past and present fuse in a magical way (we expected magic, didn’t we?) both Harry and his son Albus will learn that darkness comes from unexpected places.

I really enjoyed the book. Now there is a huge queue to read the book starting with my roomie Anton. In case you want to read it after, just raise the hand and leave me a comment here:

Reading Harry Potter at the Salads
Reading Harry Potter at the Salads

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Ghostbusters 2016

No podía haber ningún otro remake más sumergido en la polémica como Ghostbusters 2016. Yo fuí un super fan de la película, creo que hasta me sabía los dialogos de memoria. Tuve los juguetes, vi las caricaturas, gané un concurso de disfraces en la primaria con mi hermano Josh y mis 2 amigos Jorge’s disfrazados de Cazafantasmas. Admito que cuando supe que este sería un remake caracterizado por mujeres, me entró la duda de porque era necesario hacerlo así. Aunque esa misma duda me surge cada que alguien hace un remake y modifica la historia original. Algunas veces, las modificaciones son desastrosas, y algunas veces esas modificaciones van más acorde a nuestros tiempos. Soy de los que creen que esta es la historia que quise que contaran siempre de los cazafantasmas, un remake muy divertido que recomiendo ampliamente que vayan a ver, tanto si fueron grandes fans como yo, como si no tienen idea de que va la peli. Aquí mi reseña sin spoilers:

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Where Do the Turtles Go From here?

Read this interesting forecasts as what we can expect on a third TMNT movie:

The Monthly Spew

A week after it opened, 2014’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was deemed a success and given a sequel, which opened last week, taking the top of the weekend’s box office. Having recovered from the previous movie’s many shortcomings, we can’t help but wonder, What’s next for the Turtles? With their gallery of rogues quickly expanding and a deep backlog of baddies from years of comics and cartoons, there’s no shortage of storylines to explore.

*SPOILERS AHEAD!  Proceed with CAUTION!!!*

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