The Batman

I finally saw The Batman and it’s super cool. This is my opinion without spoilers.

It is a different version than what we have seen without being a reboot with Bruce’s “kind” parents dying again or a carbon copy of what Nolan did. It tells us a different origin story othat I won’t tell yo not give Spoilers.
This time it is more of a police thriller than a fantasy adventure of superheroes: super resistant and super powerful. The music is wonderful, from the macabre Ave Marias to the Grunge Music of Nirvana and all the music injects a dark tone into the film.
I know that many have a bad idea about the Twilighted Robert Pattinson, but his performance is beyond any expectations. This time we see a Batman who honorably bears the title of “Gotham’s best detective” but at the same time we see a Batman that goes insane when punching villains. His interpretation of Bruce Wayne is also great: A Long-suffering, hermit, stiff and even emo Bruce that makes us understand the true burden he has put on himself.
Catwoman, The Penguin and the Riddler are brutal too. The sensual criminal thirsty for justice, the Italian gangster pretending to be honest and a serial killer who leaves clues just to elaborate bigger and bigger crimes plus all the unscrupulous mafia of Gotham that are scary.
It is a Batman movie where the scenes where there are no punches generate more suspense than when there are, and there are some excellent action scenes with impeccable photography and finished off with great music.

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