Temporada de Mandarinas

In November, many good things come to Banderas Bay and Puerto Vallarta, including the arrival of the delicious tangerines.

Vallarta Salads enjoys every Friday a fruit flavored water from seasonal fruits and now it’s the turn of the juicy tangerine.


Tangerine is a fruit of light orange color and is very similar to the “orange” fruit but is smaller in size and its skin is easier to remove. It has a more intense smell than the orange and a sweeter taste. Like all citrus fruits, tangerines are an important source of vitamin C. This fruit has been cultivated for eons of years in ancient China and Indochina. Mexico by the kindness of its climate is a major producer of this fruit

Benefits of Tangerines

– Tangerines reduce the risk of developing cancer:
– A single tangerine contains 80% of vitamin C and potassium required daily.
– Tangerines have antioxidants that help keep yourself young and healthy.
– Tangerine helps to treat cholesterol problems.
– Tangerines help prevent cardiovascular accidents.
– Tangerines are important sources of dietary fiber. Each serving of 100g contains 3g of fiber.
– We are waiting for you at Vallarta Salads to enjoy our delicious tangerine water during all the fridays of this season, either to drink here or to take away.

Vallarta Salads

En Noviembre, muchas cosas buenas llegan a Bahía de Banderas y Puerto Vallarta, entre ellas llegan las deliciosas mandarinas. En Vallarta Salads disfrutamos todos los viernes del agua de frutas de temporada y ahora le toca el turno a la jugosa mandarina.

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