How to deal with a monkey in your Zumba class?

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At this point of the game, I was thinking I have seen it all and deal with all kinds of situation during a Zumba Fitness class. However today I experienced a brand-new situation that maybe only has happened to people such as the Zumba ZES masters such as Eliza Stone or Braulio Cruz or Zumba Yoda Beto Perez. Some of them need to answer it for future references:
What happens if at the middle of the Zumba Class a monkey comes to the dance floor?

Well that happened to me today:

I was teaching a Zumba class for guests at Hotel Palladium in Punta Mita. As many hotels in Riviera Nayarit, this hotel is connected to the surrounding nature. We were dancing to Pitbull and it was the second last song when suddenly a monkey jumped into the class and went straight into one of the POP girls. (POP stands for People of Palladium, a way to call the animation crew at Palladium). She came scared behind me (She is the girl next to me in the picture). The monkey was rubbing his belly like in a “feed me” gesture. But as the girl was running from him, he got quite aggresive and swang his big arms trying to scratch her. Me as the animal expert I pretend to be sometimes, standed firmly in between, stepping my foot strongly into my floor in order for him to get discouraged and go away. That tecnique works with dogs. However, it didn’t work with the monkey. The rest of the people taking Zumba class went to the sides. The monkey then sat in the middle of the floor and stayed there, dominant. Pitbull was back there, still singing. So, we decided to end the song dancing. Shake it ladies, shake it! One part of me was even having a desire that the monkey started to follow my dance moves.

It didn’t happen.

Pitbull depressed, decided to end his song. Romeo Santos came after him with an ultimate bachata. It seems that the bachata did discourage the monkey because he stood up and walked away. he did poop on one of the guests’ sandals (My expert animal part says that’s a way to communicate disagreement.). Then after, he jumped into the palm trees. Some of the guests then took their phones to take pictures of the monkey (Welcome to wild Mexico). I should have took a picture of him for the blog, but my ipod was busy playing Romeo Santos for the class. Before Romeo stopped singing, we did some cool down stretching.

Picture time.

After a Zumba class at Palladium
After a Zumba class in Palladium Punta Mita.


I want to share that some previous days, I was another guy protesting for the tragical death of Harambe the gorilla at Cincinnati Zoo. I even argued with many friends about that. Although I didn’t ever mention that I prefered the kid to be death rather than the gorilla, people pointed me that I was more or less like a traitor to my own race because I am more into preserving animal life rather than human life. Part of me does believe that as we, the 7+ billion human beings are a sort of plague for mother Earth, destroying nature and bringing lots of animal and plant species into extinction.

After discussing with my pro-human friends, I was really afraid that I was a sort of “traitor to my own kind.” Today when I found myself protecting the girl from the monkey I discovered that I don’t have to worry. I still protect my own kind. I think I was going to be able even to hit the monkey in case it was necessary. But luckily it didn’t have to be that way. I’m still up for preserving life: monkey life or human life or gorilla life.

Now I can add to my list of adventures during a dance class the chapter: “Dealing with a monkey inside your Zumba class”





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