Good bye Nanuk!

“Today the cleaning lady was pushing up the door to try to move me, but I didn’t want to stand up, as usual lately. Then my master came so I stood up, with a lot of difficulty, old age sucks!
He gave me some delicious chicken breast for breakfast. It was strange for him to do that, but I don’t care, it was delicious.
He layed down for me for about an hour, hugging me, drinking coffee and crying. I was sad but I didn’t know why.
Then suddenly he decided to go out for a walk. A walk? I didn’t have energy for a walk. We came out and the weather was great, rainy and cloudy like back in the days in my hometown Vancouver with my first master. That cheered me up. That and the delicious Bimbo bread he was giving to me to cheer me up. The walk at the forest was great.
But suddenly the energy came out from me again and I felt. He pulled me and offered more bread but I just wanted to lay down there. With lots of work we continued the walk, me falling several times.
Then we arrived to the veterinarian where the doctor was already waiting for me. I don’t know what happened that I started to feel relaxed and sleepy. My human was still there, petting me. His human family came also to the place. Then I don’t remember anything.

Now I don’t know where I am but I feel nice. I feel I won’t see my human family nor Puerto Vallarta again.

Good bye my friends! I enjoyed my life. Take care of my human, he uses to do silly things. Also take of the cat Tango. Despise his arrogance, that cat was my companion.

Woof ♥️”


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