Secretly sneaking out… 馃か

I am realizing that today, I celebrate 71 days since I stopped working in my main activity (Dance Teaching) due to the CoVid19 crisis. To be honest, I have not felt too much time has passed…

… And the reason might be that my life has been very busy and I have managed to sneak out. 馃か

Before you argue anything, I will like to add that I have been always using a mask when traveling around the city. But I honestly believe that being totally locked up inside your house is even worse for your health. We start with the fact that receiving sun light is good for your body that needs vitamin D that keeps you happy and positive.

Wandering through isolated spots in the nature is great for your spirit and for your health, and I believe is far less dangerous than squeezing up in a bank, or in the supermarket, even with masks.

As you know, my travel company is called Alalibre and we discover hidden spots for tourists. So I have to confess I have used that knowledge to go out to these spots and enjoy the weather, the nature and take a bath. I have taken few friends with me: Arely, Sara铆, Brooke, Dulce, my girlfriend Carmen or her family that came here for work.

You might see it wrong but this has helped me to stay with mental health, focused and to do a bit of exercise that I really need in these days.

I will share with you some pictures:


Arely and Israel
Arely and Israel hiking
Arely, Sarai and Adriana
Arely, Sara铆 and Adriana.
traveling to the hidden spot
Traveling to the hidden spot
Waterfall Tango
Carmen and Israel, Waterfall tango
Carmen and Brooke jumping


Boat Trip in Vallarta
Boat trip in Puerto Vallarta.
Carmen and Me
Carmen and Me at Boca de Tomatl谩n


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