Hurricane Nora in Vallarta.

Last Saturday the 28th of August, it was a normal rainy day in Puerto Vallarta. Hurricane Nora was predicted to pass south west from Punta Perula around 1pm so we were expecting some storms as the Hurricane passed away, but then Nora decided to change her path and go straight along the Coastline of Jalisco and Nayarit.

Most of the citizens and officials were unaware of the change in Nora’s path (She took the yellow path on the image above.) Businesses in Malecon stayed opened and I went to La Bodeguita del Medio to teach a private Cuban Salsa Class with Alalibre. When we were there, the storm and wind became stronger and a fake ceiling from the neighboring A.M.Bar was torn down. I finished my class and took my Pikamobile because I had an appointment to see Carmen in Nuevo Vallarta. As I went north, I saw how some palm trees have fallen and some neighborhoods lacked electricity. Nuevo Vallarta as it is inside the center of the bay, didn’t had a lot of problems. Later I read that Bucerias, La Cruz de Huanacaxtle and Sayulita spent the night without telecommunications and or electricity.

Next Sunday, we started to learn about how big the damage was…

Nora took a swing at us and landed some solid hits. Some bridges, houses, roads and bridges were destroyed in Chihuatlan, Cabo Corrientes and in the old town of Puerto Vallarta. Rivers such as Horcones, Cuale, Pitillal and Ameca overflooded and destroyed a couple of houses, restaurants and hotels. 1 kid died and 1 woman is still missing.

Thanks to God and Ganesh, my family and friends are ok. Some friends had damages on their businesses but they are ok. Our friends from Vallarta Food Back are collecting everything and anything you can spare:

Home goods
Non perishable food items
Underwear and socks
Bottled water

If you are abroad and would like to donate please go to

Thanks to all the people who have already helped.

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