20 años de maestro de danza, 20 years as dance instructor

Un Lunes 20 de Octubre de 1997 di por primera vez una clase de Salsa y Tango en la academia Newsteps de Guadalajara cubriendo a mi maestro que no pudo ir. Quién diría que 20 años después a esto me dedicaría. Ha sido una gran satisfacción ver alumnos mios convertirse en excelentes maestros, en grandes bailarines o simplemente haber visto como cambiaron su vida para bien gracias al baile. Continue reading “20 años de maestro de danza, 20 years as dance instructor”

From an Angry Day to a Happy Dance Day!

Last tuesday I have to reckon I did a rant when I was unable to attend the first day of Modern Dance classes with teacher Kenya, neither I was able to go to the gym to lift weights and use the ellyptic machine. I was also unable to do some of the online marketing work I needed to do, specially with our new project, Vitaltres.

I don’t want to focus on the negativity I was having that day. I already dealt with it and I apologized with the victims of my silent rant (Mostly my workmates at Vallarta Salads and my Mom). It’s nice that I am learning how to feel deeply into my emotions after last year experiences. I think the main reason for my frustration comes from all of these boycotts to my new-year resolutions: Prevail in Dancing, Work-out and loose weight, do the things that you need to do to promote your work, do the right things with our new entrepreneurial project, etc.

Today in the other hand was a happy day. I worked-out. I went to Kenya’s classes. I even felt good that i was not really that behind other students. They are younger and more athletic, but I have still more experience in learning movements faster. I know is not good to compare myself but after those previous days it was good. Besides, I consider all of the classmates very nice persons and it was nice to reconnect with them.

On the other hand, our new project Vitaltres, is opening next week. There is a lot, really a lot to work on, but I am thankful and happy that I have still this kind of challenges on my life. I will talk later about it, but basically this new business focuses on helping other people fight against their weight problems by focusing on three core concepts: Fitness, Nutrition and Phsycological work. I am going to be part of the first concept.

Above all, and what keeps me happy as well, is that after some extra money I received today (thanks AirBnB!) and a spare spot available finally, I was able to book a place at the Manga Drawing workshop at Los Mangos Library. I am really happy about it. I will keep you updated about how I go with it.

When I am able to draw cool Manga, I will post it here, but meanwhile I will leave you with the exercise we were doing today at Plataforma 322 with Kenya. I am the guy that goes in the second group and behind me is the lovely Dany Kokonauta. Continue reading “From an Angry Day to a Happy Dance Day!”

Merry Christmas

🎅🎄 I wish that you have spent a warm and cousy Christmas and that you have managed to be happy, or yet better to bring a moment of happiness to your loved ones or at least to the people around you that you sometimes don’t perceive.  That was my case:

(Leer este post en Español aquí)

Disguised with some of the Santa Claus hats that I have used this year and in previous years, I went to Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta and Punta Mita to greet some of the people that I see on a daily basis among hotel entertainers, waiters, hostesses, Trash pickers, maids, baristas and others to give them a brief surprise. I asked them to introduce their hand in a Christmas boot and take out the first thing they touched, which was a candy, a chewing gum, peanuts or a chocolate. Then I asked them to introduce their hand in another Christmas boot from where they pulled out a small toy or school accessory. (A Toy Kitten, A ball with the Avengers or Moana, Hello Kitty’s crayons, Jumping Ropes, etc.) I know they are adults and that they are not asking for toys but I also know it’s important to reconnect with our inner child. Continue reading “Merry Christmas”

Record personal de velocidad tan sólo por bailar.

Este sábado pasado fué la celebración del cierre de los talleres de danza del ciclo de primavera de la Biblioteca Los Mangos. La idea que todos los maestros pusieran a sus alumnos a bailar, en mi caso yo con ellos, a las 12pm en el Auditorio Cecatur en Puerto Vallarta. Por otra parte, inicié de lleno clases para los turistas de verano en el Palladium de Punta Mita y ese sábado me tocaba dar Zumba de 10:30am a 11am. Susy, mi amiga instructora que me podía cubrir por aquel lado no podía cubrirme y no confié en dejarle la clase a alguien más. Así que como solución para poder atender los dos compromisos, decidí hacer lo que cualquier Goyito haría…

¡Romper un record de velocidad!

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Social Biker Work @ Puerto Vallarta

(Leer esta publicación en Español aquí)

I always end up doing the fun things when related to social work! This time I received the invitation by Gil from the Motorcyclist Club “Ovejas Negras 69” to take the kids from the shelter to play a soccer game at the Club Soccer Vallarta’s fields. Obviously and because this is a bike’s club, we will take the kids in motorcycle. This is what happened:

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Dile que no al nuevo tanque de Delfines en La Isla

Los delfines no son un atractivo para un centro comercial. Dile que no a la instalación de peceras de delfines en el nuevo centro comercial “La Isla” en Puerto Vallarta. Si de por sí ya a estos isleños ya los traía atravesados desde el año pasado por obvias razones, ahora con esto caen más de mi gracia. No están chidos los delfines cautivos en una pecerita. Bien por los activistas que se enteraron.

La cita para manifestarse es este 7 de Mayo a las 12pm al lado de la isla en la entrada al estacionamiento de la playa del Holi. Si pueden, vayan vestidos de azul y/o lleven artículos alusivos a los delfines (Peluches, ropa, mantas etc).

Dolphins should not be an amusing decoration for a shopping center. Say no to the dolphin ponds at the new shopping center “La Isla.” If this island guys were already out of my grace, this action sinks them more to the bottom. Captive dolphins in a small fish pond are not cool.

The appointment for the manifestation is this May the 7th at 12pm. Try to wear blue and bring things related to the dolphins (fluffs, toys, clothes, posters, etc).


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Activism & Frustration

(Leer este post en Español)

We all have friends who passionately stand for a cause. They even leave their rest for later or stop doing things they have to do in order to work for that cause. I have friend like that too! I have a friend Moni: She posts and motivates her friends to try the vegan lifestyle. Another friend, Corinne: She tries to make people get aware and interested in the artistic work of women who paint, write, compose and that have been minimized by history. Another friend, Silvia: She invites people to join protesting marches against corrupt politicians or against social injustices. I can list more friends as well, but unfortunately there are not that many.

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Activismo y Frustración

(Read this post in English here)

Todos tenemos amigos que defienden con pasión una causa. Inclusive dejan de descansar o hacer cosas que tienen que hacer para poder trabajar por esa causa. Así yo tengo una amiga Moni: postea y motiva a que sus amigos intenten la vida vegana. Otra amiga, Corinne: trata de que la gente se interese más por la labor artística de mujeres que pintan, escriben, componen y han sido minimizadas por la historia. Una amiga más, Silvia: Invita a la gente a que se sume a las marchas de protesta en contra de los políticos corruptos o en contra de injusticias sociales. Puedo enlistar más amigos así, aunque desafortunadamente no son tantos. Continue reading “Activismo y Frustración”

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